Edibles Review: Sweet Grass Kitchen Pumpkin Pie

*Edibles Disclaimer: Eating too much cannabis can be a terrifying experience. If you are new to edibles please proceed with caution. Ten milligrams, taken in a safe, comfortable location, around people you trust, is a good rule for beginners. It’s better to feel too little than too much. Start low and go slow, as they say.


SGK Pumpkin Pie


Every morning for breakfast my dad ate horrible brown flakes that purported to contain 100 percent of the things a human needs, all right there for him, in just one bowl. A lesser man would need to eat four bowls of lesser flakes, but, through science, fiber and protein were concentrated, and life got more efficient. It was his way of starting each day healthy, but it always seemed to me so joyless. Breakfast should be a celebration. A proclamation of gratitude for the energy necessary to make each day a beautiful one. I think eating that slowly softening mush made him sad. Like dad, I appreciate the benefits of a complete meal first thing in the morning, but I will not compromise taste for my fiber and protein. So I eat pumpkin pie, the secret breakfast of champions. Sometimes I like (or need) cannabis for breakfast too, which makes Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pies the ideal early morning canna-meal.


Not content to simply make amazing cannabis edibles, Sweet Grass Kitchen produces baked goods that could hold their own at most farmer’s markets. Their pumpkin pie is dense but not dry, with a rich, smooth, well-seasoned filling surrounded by just the right amount of salty, crumbly crust. Cannabis pairs nicely with desserts that balance the savory and the sweet, and the textures and tastes in this one contrast wonderfully. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pie blends all those flavors together to create something you’d be just as likely to find fresh from the oven in a local bakery as a prepackaged in a marijuana shop. It’s especially delicious with a cup of coffee.


Available with 10 mg THC on the recreational side and 60 mg on the medicinal, the pies offer either a great way to try edibles for the first time or a lighter dosage for more experienced medical patients. If you want a little cannabis in a little pie, you can cut it into six servings; if you want an entire tiny pie for your breakfast with a little cannabis to settle your stomach or nerves, then the recreational pie may be just perfect.*


Sweet Grass Kitchen remains committed to doing things the right way, much to the benefit of the consumer. According to their website, all the cannabis cultivation is done in-house, which “ensures a consistent and reliable crop-to-table delivery.” Each of their products is made with “slow simmered, triple strained, full flower cannabutter.” The attention to detail is apparent in everything they sell. We should all be so lucky to have access to any of Sweet Grass Kitchen’s line of edibles, but I am partial to the pumpkin pie for breakfast.


We bought our pie at Pink House, but you can find SGK products at any number of shops in the Denver area. Sadly, while the pie is still listed on the website, it’s marked as being for the fall and winter, which means it may be hard to find at the moment. Which is unfortunate. You’d have to eat an uncountable amount of other things for breakfast before discovering the goodness of just one Sweet Grass Kitchen Pumpkin Pie. In the meantime, you might try their cookies or brownie bites, but you should probably eat something nutritious for breakfast first.


*Once more, with feeling: No one can really predict how your body will respond to edibles, so proceed with absolute caution and, if you do take too much, just remember: it will pass. You’re going to be all right; go lie down and listen to something relaxing or watch something funny.


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