Ben & Jerry’s Readies BRRR-itos for 420

Yesterday’s News – April 20, 2015


Ben & Jerry’s 420 Commercial

It seems only fair to start the 420 edition of Yesterday’s News on a lighthearted note. ICYMI, Ben & Jerry’s is releasing an amazing new dessert concoction in their scoop shops today, and they made a 420 commercial to get us all excited about it.


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Does it parody the 1984 Apple commercial? Indeed. Does it rely on some tired stoner stereotypes? Absolutely. Is an audience comprised entirely of slack-jawed white men rescued from their trance by a lovely young woman bearing confections? Um, yes. But will they roll up your ice cream in a waffle cone and call it a BRRR-ito? They sure will. And we will eat it. Only because it’s 4/20. (Also in honor of those VT legislators who want to ban booze until cannabis is legal!)



Continuing the Conversation about Race

NBC News continues to probe the issue of race in the cannabis sector, following up on last week’s video featuring Dr. Malik Burnett of the DPA with a piece that suggests “six reasons it may be difficult for African Americans to enter the legal marijuana business.” According to Dr. Burnett, DPA director Ethan Nadelmann, and Bruce Barcott, author of Weed the People, factors that contribute to lack of diversity include an application process that favors those with political connections and plenty of financial backing, the fact that legalization has come first to relatively white states, and the risk inherent to an industry that is state legal but federally prohibited. Check out NBCBLK’s complete analysis:



So Much for No Free Samples

The Cannabist reports that marijuana sales and free samples were common at the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver, despite warnings from the Marijuana Enforcement Division that both were prohibited. Because of regulations that require Colorado licensed businesses to track their product from seed to sale and to sell product only onsite at their licensed locations, local businesses were banned from any kind of distribution at the annual celebration. But that restriction did not apply to out-of-state vendors, who capitalized on the opportunity to provide visitors with a taste of their delicacies; some crossed the line of legality by selling cannabis at the Cup. Find this and other Cannabis Cup coverage at The Cannabist:



WeedMaps Contributes $2 Million for California Legalization

The California legalization campaign saw an early victory on Friday, when WeedMaps donated $2 million to the cause. The Orange County-based dispensary locator contributed $1 million to Californians for Sensible Reform, a campaign committee that is expected to propose a passable ballot measure for the 2016 election, and $1 million to Californians for Sensible Reform PAC, which backs candidates who are friendly to cannabis. The message is clear: the industry is ready for reform. Read more from the San Francisco Chronicle:



Changes in the Way Cook County Handles Drug Offenses

The state’s attorney’s office in Cook County, Illinois, is rethinking their strategy on low-level drug offenses and will announce new policies around possession of small amounts of cannabis and other recreational drugs. State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez is expected to outline an alternative program for nonviolent drug offenders and a plan to stop prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana cases in a press conference in Chicago this morning. The Chicago Tribune has details:


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