DPA Brings Modern Cannabis Consumption Out of the Basement

Yesterday’s News – April 17, 2015


Image: Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

Image: Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance


The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has launched a campaign to promote a new perspective on cannabis consumption. They shot stock photos of mature, modern adults ingesting cannabis in a variety of settings and have made the images available on their website for editorial use. The DPA hopes that by giving media outlets access to stock photos that more accurately represent cannabis use, we can begin to move away from antiquated stereotypes that reinforce prohibition. Given that WRK was started with a similar mission, we applaud the DPA for helping to bring conscious cannabis consumers out of the basement and into the world:




The Drug Policy Alliance is also taking up an important conversation in the cannabis space: diversity and, specifically, the effects of white privilege on the industry. In a 30-second video for NBC News, DPA’s Malik Burnett explains the barriers to access for African Americans, which include prohibitively high licensing fees and regulations that ban those with criminal records from working with marijuana. The Metro Times published a piece by Larry Gabriel last week that provides a helpful perspective as to why it’s more risky for African Americans to enter the movement than their white counterparts, namely because “when the powers that be decide to start chopping heads off, they know which heads are going to roll first.” We at WRK hope this is just the beginning of an ongoing dialogue around this issue.

Watch the NBC video:


Read the Metro Times article:




President Obama is expected to voice his support for medical marijuana during a conversation with Dr. Sanjay Gupta that will air Sunday at 9 pm on CNN. In “Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution,” Dr. Gupta, who has become a vociferous proponent of legalization, examines the politics of medical cannabis research and discusses current public policy as well as new legislation with the president. According to The Daily Caller, Obama also expresses his belief that we should treat drug abuse from a public health standpoint and find appropriate alternatives to incarceration:

Gupta’s “Time for a medical marijuana revolution”:


The Daily Caller:




Two Vermont lawmakers have proposed legislation to reinstate alcohol prohibition if cannabis isn’t legalized in their state. Reps. Jean O’Sullivan and Christopher Pearson filed the bill in order to draw attention to the incongruity of allowing adult use of alcohol while a far less dangerous substance remains illegal. O’Sullivan told HuffPost the point of the legislation is to “embarrass leadership to say that we have [marijuana legalization bills] in front of us, and they’re going absolutely nowhere.” The bill would establish hefty fines for possession of alcohol and jail time for its sale and distribution:




In the latest dose of drug war insanity, an 11-year-old student was seized from his home after disagreeing with propaganda being taught as part of a drug education program at his Kansas school. The boy asserted that cannabis can be medicine and was removed from his classroom and interrogated. The school contacted the child protection agency, which then contacted police. Police eventually obtained a search warrant, searched the child’s home, and arrested his mother, Shona Banda, who uses cannabis to treat her Crohn’s disease, when they found two ounces of cannabis oil:




It’s a big weekend in Denver, with 420 festivities starting well before 4/20. The Cannabis Cup will be going strong all weekend to get you ready for Monday’s traditional celebration of cannabis culture. WRK is compiling a list of 420 events around the country, but if you’re in Denver, check out what’s in store for you on the Cannabis Cup site or The Cannabist, which features all things awesome in Colorado cannabis:







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