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Weekend Review Kit is seeking contributors who want to develop a relationship with an emerging digital publication in the cannabis sector. Our site was conceived with this goal in mind: to present authentic perspectives on the modern recreational cannabis consumer and modern cannabis culture in order to change mainstream perceptions about marijuana. We believe that media can play an important role in activism, and, in this case, should further the agenda of legalization by emphasizing self-regulation, responsible consumption, and active engagement in the social, political, and economic life of our communities.


We’re looking for high-quality reviews of high-quality products, art, and other adventures, cannabis related or not. We like to apply our motto – we can review it! – broadly, and we like experiential, narrative reviews that acknowledge the subjectivity of absolutely everything and, at the same time, offer helpful descriptions and relevant facts. Music and television reviews especially needed.


If reviews aren’t your thing, we’re always in the mood for a sharp opinion piece (as long as it’s civil) on a topical subject in the cannabis space, an interview with a cannabis activist or business owner, or anything that makes us laugh. We’d love, love, love if someone wanted to pitch a dating column.


Check out the site, read a few articles, and if it seems like a place you’d be psyched to see your name, get in touch. In your email, please tell us why you want to write for WRK, what you might like to write about, and your favorite way(s) to enjoy cannabis. Feel free to include any links to other work you’d like us to see. Send correspondence to our Editor-in-Chief: chad (at) weekendreviewkit (dot) com.


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