D.C. Cannabis Seed Shares Encourage Homegrow

Yesterday’s News – March 28, 2015


cannabis seed share 


There have been plenty of headlines in the past several days. Here’s Weekend Review Kit’s roundup of the biggest cannabis news stories:


Hundreds of Washington, D.C. residents participated in marijuana seed shares, organized by D.C. Cannabis Campaign’s Adam Eidinger. Because personal possession and cultivation of cannabis is now legal in the District, but all sales remain illegal, growing your own and sharing with friends is the only legitimate option:




Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman submitted a brief asking the Supreme Court to dismiss the case brought against state by its neighbors over legal cannabis:




Washington and Oregon have stepped up in support of Colorado; their attorneys general filed a “friend of the court” brief, expressing their desire to protect their states’ cannabis industries from interference from other jurisdictions:




Since the legalization of recreational, adult-use cannabis, Colorado drug arrests are way down, like 95 percent down. Not too surprising, eh?




In a blow to the rollout of a legal recreational cannabis industry, Oregon’s marijuana chief, Tom Burns, was fired just three months after taking the position. Burns, who headed the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program before overseeing marijuana legalization at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, has been a highly respected government resource for many years:




Speculation as to the motive for removing Burns from his post started as soon as the announcement was made. The latest reports indicate he leaked internal documents to a PAC that represents Oregon cannabis growers:




Georgia’s Governor has declared that he will sign medical marijuana bill into law; last week he signed an executive order for state agencies to start preparations for law’s enactment:




Joining other celebrities who are hoping to cash in on the “green rush,” Willie Nelson has announced that he plans to produce his own brand of cannabis:




In a highly anticipated verdict, North Carolina resident Todd Stimson was found guilty of marijuana trafficking for operating a medical marijuana facility out of his home:




On Monday, Denver’s City Council passed a measure to limit noncommercial cannabis grows to 36 plants. Now Denver is the target of a lawsuit that challenges the new provision because it negatively impacts caregivers who grow large numbers of plants for medical marijuana patients:




The legalization of recreational cannabis is a hot topic going into California’s 2016 election season. A recent poll shows that, if they voted today, the majority of California’s citizens would legalize it:




It’s hard to know what to say about this one. A young man visiting Colorado committed suicide, and his family believes cannabis-infused edibles are to blame. Any way you look at it, it’s a terrible tragedy, and there are likely a myriad of complex contributing factors. But if the overconsumption of marijuana edibles did play a role in this situation, it’s important to address the issue and work together to find a solution:





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