Strain Reviews: Face Off OG BX2

Pink House’s Face Off OG BX 2 (Archive Seed Bank)


What we enjoyed: A unique smell and taste among the OG strains, incredible pain relief capabilities*, makes airport travel seem effortless*.


*statements not evaluated by anyone other than me. Maybe Jenn.



Face Off OG BX2


My stomach hurts.


Not right now really. For the moment I’m okay. I mean in general, my stomach hurts. I went to a lot of doctors, and they did their best, but they couldn’t help that much. Turns out cannabis helps, but not all kinds of cannabis. Because I live in a state that says medical marijuana is legal but won’t set up any system for me to legally purchase it, I’ve had to experiment on my own to find out what works and what doesn’t. OG varieties work, almost always, and I’ve been blessed to know good people who put themselves at risk to help me find it.


Short for Ocean Grown, with a possible nod to the seminal work by accomplished thespian Ice-T, OG strains first became popular in California, partly due to their effectiveness in pain management and appetite stimulation. Of course, the exact lineage is up for debate, but many people will tell you it originated from a purely indica landrace out of the Kush Mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, before being crossed with some kind of sativa, allowing it to treat pain while not making the user feel too out of sorts. A quality OG can be life changing for those who need it, and if you’re one of those people, Colorado’s Pink House is a must visit. The self-proclaimed “OG Headquarters” has a constantly expanding line-up of top quality Ocean Grown, Original Gangsta cannabis.


We’re taking a look at the recreational side, and our budtender quickly points out the two strongest items on the menu. I’ve heard a lot about Face Off, but I’ve never been able to procure it personally, so to try some produced by people who are experts in their field is very exciting.


Pink House’s Face Off OG comes from Archive Seed Bank, and their description echoes what our budtender tells us: “A strain not intended for lightweights, it may turn some green for a minute or two, with an almost nauseatingly potent, initial head high.” Far from “lightweights,” we still wait until we have fulfilled all of the day’s obligations before we take a closer look at the flower.


The buds are some of the smallest, most compact I’ve come across in Denver. If you were buying this on the street, and not from one of the city’s best dispensaries, you might think at first glance you had gotten less than you paid for because of the density. The color palette is beautiful. Multiple shades of green are crystal-coated and intertwined with a fair amount of bright orange hair.


Breaking it open provides another clue that you’ve got something distinct in your hands. The usual Kush notes of pine and soil are there, but our batch also had hints of flowery perfume and baby powder, creating an appetizing mix of dirty and sweet that alludes to the flavor to come.


Since travelling can bring out the worst in my stomach, I make a point of trying each shop’s best OG offering; at the end of our trip, with multiple pain treating options, I could pick out the Face Off OG blindfolded on strength of taste alone. The expected Christmas-trees-rolled-in-mud flavor is so thick and distinctive, but it’s coupled with a floral sugariness that sets it apart from other OGs.


And the warnings are correct; don’t underestimate this strain. A small joint shared at the end of the evening was about all I would ever want to take at one time. I found it was best enjoyed through a clean glass pipe, and it never took more than a few pulls. Archive describes a “head crushing high,” and I’ve heard other people report similar experiences, but for me it felt less like my head was being crushed and more like my brain was being wrapped in a soft warm towel, a characteristic Jenn appreciated when treating a migraine.


Obviously I’m no doctor and could never speak to what would be best for someone else. Through trial and error and what I would call a cannabis elimination diet I’ve come to love the OG strains because they take away the pain without taking away my ability to function in the world. Whatever its exact heritage, Face Off OG most likely has a shared ancestry with a really clean sativa. Even something as powerful, as night endingly soothing as the Face Off OG still left me aware enough to navigate airport security the next day after a small say-goodbye-to-Colorado pipe.


I was so relaxed, my stomach felt so comfortable then, that I got to go through the line where you don’t have to take your shoes off or put your computer in its own X-ray tub. Face Off OG can even relieve the pain of air travel.



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  2. Heads up, OG means originally grown. Great write up! Check out Beard Bros Pharm: Origins of OGK. Florida created & Josh D kept it alive.

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