San Fran Welcomes Cannabis Power Players for ICBC

Yesterday’s News — February 16, 2015

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Women Grow Co-founder and Events Director Jane West kicks off Lobby Days at the National Press Club

Women Grow Co-founder and Events Director Jane West kicks off Lobby Days at the National Press Club


For Weekend Review Kit, the big news last week was Women Grow’s first ever Lobby Days in Washington, DC. Over 70 women convened in the nation’s capital to push for fair policies around banking and taxation in the cannabis industry. As one of the women brave enough to be fighting for the cause, WRK Co-founder Jenn Lauder will have in depth coverage later today. In the meantime you can find two articles below. We are partial to the Fusion one, because we are in it:


The author of this one, from the National Journal, seems a bit surprised that no one wore a Bob Marley shirt. It was red pashminas, in fact, for these highly intelligent, successful women working to change the world.



MassRoots is back in the App store after being pulled in November 2014, but no one is sure why. “Apple did not tell me anything specific,” CEO Issac Dietrich informed The Cannabist. Dietrich also noted that not much was altered in the time between rejection and acceptance: “The only thing Apple required us to do was strengthen our geofence. We didn’t have to change the functionality or concept of MassRoots.” It was also never clear why, exactly, they were kept out in the first place. Dietrich, who once said he felt Apple was “censoring the cannabis movement,” feels those mysterious roadblocks are being lifted: “Every marijuana developer I’ve talked to has seen a dramatic, positive improvement in their experience with the App store.” You can check out Ricardo Baca’s article here:



Several London papers are reporting that something called “skunk” is breaking all their kids brains. According to The Daily Mail, “youngsters need to be aware of the dangers of skunk, which has been specifically cultivated to be four times as strong as cannabis smoked by previous generations.” This is in response to a report put together by The Lancet, which suggests smoking “skunk” might cause an increased risk in psychosis among teens. After much a minimum amount of research, WRK has concluded that when they refer to “skunk,” what they mean is any kind of high-quality cannabis, but we can’t immediately verify whether this conclusion has any scientific merit or is simply the result of the conditions in our office this morning. According to this study, you’re much safer smoking hash, which didn’t make anyone psychotic. You can read about it in The Guardian, while waiting patiently for the day when we can all peruse research on something other than street weed and how it compares to the shit they figure your parents used to smoke:



Colorado sold 700 million dollars worth of cannabis during the first year of legalized recreational sales, which breaks down to 385.9 million for medicinal and 313.2 million for rec. Not content to have possibly the most effective cannabis policies in the history of the world, the state is continually working to adjust the laws and regulations to better serve the community and eradicate the black market. Because you haven’t had enough Ricardo Baca this morning, you can read his report right here:



Over 1,000 cannabis investors, activists, business owners, and entrepreneurs are meeting in San Francisco for the second annual International Cannabis Business Conference. Among the topics being discussed are the difficulties California faces in legalizing recreational marijuana, something that might seem like a given in 2016 but is anything but guaranteed. With the state’s large cannabis-consuming population and already robust medical sales, though, there are many in the industry who feel California is poised to become “a global center of state-approved recreational weed.” Once more, check out The Cannabist, this time for their AP article.


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