Yesterday’s News – February 6, 2015

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fourth corner

The New York Times takes an in-depth look at the challenges facing a Colorado marijuana industry without proper banking options. The Fourth Corner Credit Union, which hopes to serve cannabis related businesses, still needs approval from the U.S. government. The process of granting a federal masters account usually takes only a few days, but Mark Mason and his business partners have been waiting for months for the application to be approved. There are some who believe this is the only method the government has left to slow the rush toward legalization. In the meantime those businesses serving their community are forced to deal with all the security risks inherent to a cash business. Take a few minutes to read the article and watch the video:



As we noted yesterday, there is still much research to be done regarding the benefits and dangers of cannabis consumption. This includes the effects of cannabis on pregnant women and nursing mothers. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that lawmakers have decided against a new bill “that would have required dispensaries to post warning signs about dangers to fetuses caused by smoking or ingesting marijuana while pregnant.” Chapter leader of Colorado Foothills Moms for Marijuana, Sadie Lane, who used cannabis to treat morning sickness, feels that this is a conversation women should be having with a physician regardless of shop warnings: “show them both sides and let them make the decision with their doctor.”



If you’re living in the San Francisco area and need a medical cannabis card but are unable to leave your house, CannabisMD will deliver a consultation to your door. For the price of $100 dollars, a real live M.D. will come to your house, talk to you about your symptoms, and recommend the best strain and method of ingestion to suit your needs. Co-founder David Hua is committed to providing patients with highly knowledgeable physicians: “We want to make sure the doctors we on-board are really well-versed in cannabis. One person might want to use it for stress while another is experiencing depression, anxiety, or even nerve pain. That would require different dosages, edibles, or tinctures.” You will have to find someone else to deliver whatever it is the doctor ordered. Tech Crunch has the full story:



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