Yesterday’s News – February 3, 2015

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Though it’s definitely a TLDR candidate, Amanda Lewis’s piece at Buzzfeed on the legalization landscape in California is worth a look. The state that comprises 49% of the nation’s cannabis sales without legal recreational marijuana is poised to join the rest of the west coast and Colorado by ending prohibition, but competing priorities among activists and industry insiders may lead to another failed attempt in 2016. This report outlines the evolution of cannabis laws in California and teases out some of the rivalries that shape the campaigns and, ultimately, their outcomes:



President Obama’s proposed fiscal plan for 2016 would allow DC to regulate and tax cannabis, changing the language in the omnibus spending bill to reflect that “federal funds” cannot be used to enact laws related to cannabis but allowing the city to put local tax dollars toward the necessary regulatory structures. While it’s great news that the President has taken a stand in favor of the District’s autonomy, it’s not likely his budget will pass unscathed through the majority Republican Congress. The Washington Times has full details:



Colorado has issued a very lengthy report on cannabis that provides absolutely no new information. Rather, state lawmakers assigned the Department of Public Health and Environment the task of gathering and reviewing the existing scientific literature related to marijuana and writing 188 pages about it. Their most decisive finding: very little conclusive data has emerged from very limited studies of the plant. You can read the entire report here or read the AP article at The Cannabist:



Cue the latest published study to take pictures of the brains of cannabis users and compare them to the brains of nonusers. This time, the “well-controlled” study’s results indicate that cannabis use is not associated with brain abnormalities. We at Weekend Review Kit would like to conduct a study to test whether conducting studies around cannabis causes general confusion. Check out the synopsis at IFL Science:


Or go straight to the source for the abstract on the Journal of Neuroscience:



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