Yesterday’s News – January 27, 2015

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MBank, which recently made headlines by advertising its willingness to work with the cannabis industry in Colorado, suspended those efforts due to the very minor detail that they don’t actually have any banks in Colorado. MBank says it simply doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with the incredible demand but will still serve the industry in Oregon and Washington. Colorado cannabis insiders feel like it’s more of the same, and that no one will ever love them and their piles of money. The full story from the Denver Post:



Meanwhile, in San Francisco, “several hundred elite investors gathered at the Fairmont Hotel” to participate in an invitation-only event designed to bring together people with ideas and people with cash. The event was organized by The ArcView Group and is further evidence that some of the country’s most successful thinkers and investors are starting to see the legitimate business potential in the cannabis industry. David Downs covered the event for Smell The Truth, and you can read all of his article here:


The Huffington Post also has a review of the ArcView Group’s report, Third Edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets, along with an incredibly stupid picture at the top:



Florida, where a majority voted in November to legalize medical marijuana, and where nearly 90 percent of citizens support the prescribing of medical marijuana by doctors, will once again try to establish a system that allows for more widespread distribution of medical marijuana. Currently, only people suffering epilepsy, cancer, and ALS have access to one specific strain of cannabis, Charlotte’s Web, known for its high CBD and low THC content. The law is so limiting that The Marijuana Policy Project doesn’t actually consider Florida to be a state “with a medical marijuana program,” but “this would change all that.” Head back over to HuffPo to find out more:



Not to be underdone by their neighbors to the south, Georgia is moving even more slowly on the medical front. The article is below, and contains the following two sentences: “They say this bill, considered weak among marijuana advocates, will not lead to an army of bathing-averse, long-haired, sidewalk-loitering slackers wasting their afternoons with funny pot cigarettes. No, sir.” Just to be clear, I get my hair cut once a month at a place with a pool table that serves drinks, move as quickly as possible when on the sidewalk, and am embarrassed to admit I’ve enjoyed more than one of what is known in our house as a “Liz Lemon” (a long, hot shower taken because you are bored). Though this does give Weekend Review Kit an idea for a line of rolling papers with jokes written on them, or, even better, a weed jar that tells a joke every time you open it like those milk coolers at convenient stores that moo when you reach for a carton (patent pending).

Does anyone have a spare invite to Arc Tank?



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