Yesterday’s News – January 20, 2015

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Image: Facebook (Adam Koessler and his daughter, Rumer Rose)


The case of Adam Koessler, the Australian father arrested for giving his dying daughter hash oil, is gaining attention in both his homeland and throughout the world. A petition calling for Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Justice Minister Jarrod Bleijie to intervene in the proceedings has already gathered over 38,000 signatures. There’s also a Facebook page with over 30,000 supporters, and $14,000 has been raised to support Koessler’s daughter, Rumer Rose, and her “natural cancer protocol.” Rumer is suffering from stage 4 neuroblastoma, and according to her father, experienced a “miraculous” recovery once the oil was administered: “She would say ‘Daddy, tummy’s not sore’…her energy was up and she wanted to go outside with me instead of lay on her back with her legs curled up.” Koessler is currently unable to see his daughter, who is in intensive care after her condition deteriorated, and is expected to appear in court today. Read the Mirror article here:


And, if you chose, you can sign the petition here:



Vermont continues to explore options for legalizing recreational cannabis but doesn’t appear to be getting any closer to an answer. Last Friday the Rand Corporation released its findings, which concluded – conclusively – that if Vermont were to allow for recreational cannabis sales, they would be entering a “fog of uncertainty.” The report says it’s unclear if legalization would have long-term economic benefits, what effect neighboring state policies would have on Vermont, or what effect legalization has had on driving safety in Colorado or Washington. It does point out that people in Vermont like cannabis a bit more than everyone else, but we already knew that. You can head over to the Burlington Free Press for the hazy details:



Although we mentioned this yesterday, hash oil explosions continue to be in the news. CBS has a video that, despite comparing the explosions to those the general public is used to seeing from meth labs, actually presents about as well rounded a report as possible from a two-minute news clip. An attorney for a Colorado resident arrested after one such occurrence points out that accidents don’t make a thing illegal, and that this process is similar to frying a turkey. And anyone who reads the news around Thanksgiving knows that turkeys can blow up real good too. Still, Weekend Review Kit feels like this is going to be a topic of contention as we debate the merits of full cannabis legalization. The video also shows a technician making hash oil in a lab, a far safer process than any you could do at home. Click the link below to watch the CBS video.


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