Yesterday’s News – January 19, 2015

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On a day traditionally reserved to honor one of our country’s most important civil rights leaders, we must remember Dr. King’s legacy and reflect both on how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go. Thank you, freedom fighters, of the past, present, and future. Onward!



In the most significant news of the past several days, Attorney General Eric Holder has ended law enforcement incentives for search and seizure, banning the use of federal law to seize cash and property without a warrant or criminal charges. Police have had the right to confiscate personal property for the past 30 years as a part of “war on drugs,” under the DOJ’s civil asset forfeiture program, Equitable Sharing. There will be limited exceptions in the interest of public safety (illegal firearms, materials associated with child pornography), but property rights and due process are now much more protected than they were a week ago. The Washington Post has the complete story:



Conflict within the California cannabis community may be what prevents statewide legalization in 2016, according to Mother Jones. Taking a lesson from 2010’s unsuccessful Proposition 19, advocates are being particularly careful in crafting this latest recreational cannabis initiative to consider the needs of both the industry, including those now involved in the unregulated production of marijuana, and of the general electorate:



The New York Times has jumped onboard the BHO-explosion story circuit, as it explains to East Coasters (and the world) the dangers of extracting cannabis concentrates with butane. Weekend Review Kit implores you: please, friends, stop blowing yourselves up. It’s bad for your health, your freedom, and the movement. Worse than outdated stereotypes are real emergencies and tragedies involving the irresponsible or unsafe use of cannabis. Click the link if you need some examples:



Seattle’s KOMO News has two pieces worth reading. The first is an in-depth assessment of Washington’s options regarding recreational and medical marijuana going into the legislative session. This article outlines proposed bills as well as industry and patients’ perspectives:



In the second, KOMO takes a look at Oregon’s legislative session and proposed cannabis bills. Lawmakers have already submitted over a dozen pieces of marijuana legislation and have established a joint committee to oversee the implementation of Measure 91:


The Bend Bulletin has a similar story, highlighting different pieces of legislation:



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