Yesterday’s News – January 16, 2015

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The Economist infographic

Image: The Economist


For all those visual learners out there, The Economist has a nifty, colorful infographic that explains the “disunited state of cannabis” in the U.S. and estimates that full legalization is five to ten years away:



Though it was one of the first to legalize recreational marijuana, Washington still can’t seem to balance this whole supply and demand equation. Just months ago, the state’s limited recreational cannabis shops had a hard time keeping their shelves stocked, and now growers claim they’ve got so much product they can’t sell it all on the legal market. Fox News has details:



Another difficult consequence of I-502: Business Week reports that the recreational cannabis industry in Washington is lobbying for legislation that would impose strict rules and limitations on medical marijuana in order to reduce competition from this largely unregulated sector. The tricky topic could prove to be incredibly divisive for the cannabis community:



Meanwhile, as Oregon prepares to enact a law that much more closely resembles the situation in Colorado than in Washington, NORML set up a chapter in Portland to advocate for the interests of cannabis consumers. Russ Bellville, radio host and activist, will lead the organization. Check out Noelle Crombie’s article on The Oregonian:



While there are so many things wrong with this, it’s at least funny to say: Bethenny Frankel, of reality TV fame (WRK admits we did not know who she was until we saw a video of the audience berating “marijuana moms” on her now-defunct talk show), plans to market a strain of cannabis that is “specially engineered” not to cause the munchies. We’re curious to talk to the master grower in charge of that one. In the meantime, you can read Us Magazine for more:



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