Yesterday’s News — January 14, 2015

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On Tuesday District of Columbia Council Chairman Phil Mendelson sent Ballot Measure 71 to Congress, meaning that the House and Senate now have 30 days to block the measure, approved by 70 percent of DC voters, or let it stand. If Obama and Congress don’t block 71 (something that has happened only three times in 40 years) legal cannabis could become a reality in DC by March. Mendelson argues that the omnibus passed last month doesn’t pertain to Measure 71, which became official on December 3, a full week before Congress attempted to subvert the will of the people through a paragraph about money in a spending bill. Andy Harris, from Maryland, and Jason Chaffetz, from Utah, feel they did a pretty good job of ignoring the voices of the District’s voting public. Aaron Davis has the story for the Washington Post here:



Not content to just meddle in the affairs of the District of Columbia, two Senators sent letters to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State John Kerry, worried that the Federal Government’s in-flux cannabis policy was in violation of U.N. treaties. Both Diane Fienstien (D-Calif.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) argue that the new policies damage our standing in the International Community, though inappropriately moniker-ed Grassley admits that U.N. treaties don’t trump U.S. law. Weekend Review Kit suggests that if the United Nations doesn’t like how voters in the United States are tired of waiting for out of tune, undereducated politicians to enact long overdue change, then they sanction us. With their army. Oh, they don’t have an army? Well then…maybe just read Matt Ferner’s piece on the Huffington Post:



Visitors expecting to find a cruelty-free treatment option for their alopecia at a farm show in Harrisburg were shocked to encounter medical cannabis in a hall that had previously held alpacas. “This is all about education,” said Senator Mike Folmer, co-sponsor of Bill 3, which would legalize medicinal cannabis in Pennsylvania. The booth, operated by Suri Farms, handed out over 2,000 information packets in two days. “I saw cannabis before I saw medical, so I thought it was weird that they let something like that in here,” said a mostly likely disappointed Jeremy Tellup, probably trying to just play it cool after running up to the booth a little too fast. The exhibit will be open all week, if you’re in the Harrisburg area. Check out Kendra Nichols coverage before you go:


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