Yesterday’s News — January 13, 2015

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Image: The Center for Investigative Reporting

Image: The Center for Investigative Reporting


The landscape of North America’s illegal drug trade has shifted significantly in recent years, likely due to progressive cannabis policies enacted in the U.S. The Washington Post, citing border patrol statistics, reports that cannabis seizures are down 37 percent since 2011, while the seizure rates of heroin and methamphetamine have increased dramatically. These trends suggest that high-quality cannabis grown in the U.S. has had a major impact on the demand for Mexican “ditch weed,” and that cartels, accordingly, have switched their focus to hard drugs that command a greater profit even in small quantities. Read more:



NORML’s Keith Stroup discusses political strategy for 2015 at’s news site. He emphasizes several key points, such as the importance of enacting legalization through statewide legislative processes rather than only through voter-led ballot initiatives and the role President Obama could play in cannabis law reform during the last two years of his term. We recommend going directly to the news via the link below rather than entering through the site’s new Pinterest-eque homepage, where you will encounter several crowd-sourced examples of why cannabis is still federally prohibited:



Though he signed a pilot medical marijuana program into law back in 2013, Illinois’ outgoing governor, Pat Quinn, left the office yesterday without settling the issue of medical marijuana business licenses, leaving some 650 patients with permits for medical cannabis and no way to legally procure it. The governor’s office issued this statement: “The governor believes we must get relief to those who need it as soon as possible, but it has to be done right in a fair and careful way. It shouldn’t be rushed out last minute.” Check the Chicago Tribune for more details:



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