Yesterday’s News – January 8, 2015

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je suis charlie 


Nothing you’ll read here today matters so much as what happened yesterday at Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris. We write today in their honor.


The latest update on surrounding states’ lawsuit against Colorado’s cannabis policy: Utah has no intentions of joining the effort to sue its neighbor. Gov. Gary Herbert told the Deseret News that he believes any issues with Colorado’s system will be “resolved…over time.” Read more:


Meanwhile, seven republican lawmakers from Oklahoma have spoken out against their state’s involvement in the lawsuit, pointing to the slippery slope it could create around states’ rights and the 10th amendment:



A ruling should be coming soon in Wednesday’s court hearing to determine the legality of manufacturing hash oil for personal use in Colorado. At issue is whether oil is considered marijuana by the state constitution: the defense says of course, and the attorney general says it’s not protected in the same way. The Denver Post has details:



Oh, and changed. A lot:



Finally, while we at Weekend Review Kit take a lighthearted approach to our news, we would be incredibly remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to the people whose lives were ended by insanity yesterday in France because they expressed themselves in a public forum. As writers who cherish the freedom we have to publish the words and images we choose on our website, we recognize that we owe them all a debt of gratitude we can never repay, and that their sacrifice should remind us that our precious liberty, and our lives, are not something to take for granted. Je suis Charlie.

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