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In keeping with our pledge to make Weekend Review Kit a site that more accurately reflects our values and our lifestyle, we are relaunching High Need Parenting with a more personal introduction.


Originally we had envisioned the column as just a Q and A, mailbag kind of format, where we put our many years of expertise as parents, educators, and cannabis aficionados to good use by answering questions and sharing experiences. We intend to follow through with that idea, so feel free to tweet us your questions as they come up, whether you want a suggestion for the best set of wooden blocks to help your kid learn math (unit blocks!) or the best strain and form of cannabis to help you recover from your fifth day in a row of stay-at-home parenting (we like varieties that are Ocean Grown and Kush-y!). But we’re going to have some other features about trends in education and parenting, interviews with working artists who also happen to have kids, and reviews centered on the world of parents and children, because we happen to specialize in both solicited and unsolicited advice.


Jenn has worked with children for as long as she can remember. She’s worked for nonprofits and independent schools, as an advocate, teacher, writer, and consultant, spending a decade in elementary classrooms. She continues to advise schools and educational programs on a variety of pedagogical topics and provides mentoring for young teachers. I spent many of my earlier years in different classroom settings as well, before pursuing an MFA in writing. I had intended to teach full time, but when an opportunity arrived for Jenn to return to the classroom, and with it an opportunity for our daughter to attend a rather expensive progressive school for free, I paused those plans to become a full time parent. But we were never happy with the expensive progressive school, and, as we launched Weekend Review Kit, we also made the simultaneous (and what we thought was separate) decision to homeschool our child. Turns out they were connected, reclaiming our daughter’s education and fully committing to Weekend Review Kit, and that is also something we intend to explore in the coming months.


I’d like to add a paragraph of appreciation for Brittany Driver, Pot and Parenting Columnist for The Cannabist. Part of what encouraged us to come out of the basement and put our real faces on the site was reading her thought provoking, insightful columns and seeing her bravery as she spoke proudly, on national television, about her cannabis use. While we haven’t yet met Brittany in person, we hope to be part of the same conversations for years to come.


Thank you Brittany, and thank you everyone else.


Chad and Jenn

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