Yesterday’s News — January 7, 2015

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Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

Goddard College, Plainfield, VT


Dueling reports on the success of legal recreational cannabis were released yesterday by groups who both have obvious (and conflicting) agendas. The Drug Policy Alliance published a paper drawing attention to the increased tax revenue, lowered crime rates, and decreases in traffic fatalities in Colorado in 2014. Smart Approaches to Marijuana implores you to please, think about the children, and claims that legal marijuana may be responsible for the increased arrests for “public drunkenness” and the gradual transition of Yellowstone Park into a Phish parking lot. Weekend Review Kit, too, has an obvious agenda, but we’ve included the links to both just to be fair. (But seriously, parents who want this legalized: KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THE EDIBLES. Jebus.)


Here’s the link to the Drug Policy Alliance’s report:


And the one from Smart Approaches to Marijuana:



Paul Armentano, deputy director for NORML, published an excellent op-ed in the LA Times where he asserts: “public policy should not be governed exclusively by trying to prevent a worst case scenario.” The article is a response to Susan Shapiro’s op-ed in the same paper about her personal experience with marijuana, and how she became addicted after smoking pot at a Bob Dylan concert when she was 13. Armentano’s piece contains a lot of relevant facts and links; these could prove very helpful if you are, say, coming out of the basement anytime soon and need some evidence to support your claim that cannabis is a good thing:



The Green Mountain State looks to get even greener. On Tuesday The Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana held a press conference, one day before the start of a legislative session expected to focus heavily on cannabis in Vermont. The Coalition aims to stress the benefits of legalization, from tax revenue to the failure of the current policy to keep cannabis out of the reach of minors. Of course, opposing forces are gathering as well. Weekend Review Kit has roots in Vermont: I got my MFA from Goddard College in Plainfield. It’s hard to imagine a version of Vermont better than the one they’ve got now. Legalizing cannabis might be the only improvement they have left. The Washington Times has the full story:

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