Yesterday’s News – January 6, 2015

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Image: Good to Know (

Image: Good to Know 


There’s still no clear plan in Washington to rectify the legal debacle around medical cannabis in the age of I-502, but Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Mayor Ed Murray both issued memos on the topic in the past two days. Holmes presents a cogent argument for resolving the divide, including integrating medical into the recreational framework and allowing the home growing of cannabis (all other states that have legalized recreational cannabis permit small home grow operations), as well as a proposal for lounges where consumers could vaporizer or eat cannabis products. The Mayor’s statement focused on developing a compassionate solution for medical patients to access cannabis easily, safely, and legally. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the state legislature has a plan to sort out this mess. For more details, check out the Seattle PI:



A year into the statewide regulation and taxation of recreational cannabis, Colorado is launching a public-education campaign aimed at informing consumers about responsible cannabis use and the laws that govern it. The “Good to Know” ads, which were funded with tax money generated by recreational cannabis sales, feature jaunty illustrations, memorable, rhyming text, cheerful music, and a “folksy” narrator, presumably in an effort to strike a friendly tone. They’re so damn cute that we have to wonder if the state hired awesome kids’ book author/illustrator Peter Brown to design them. Read the complete story at the Denver Post:



The Drug Policy Alliance has issued a status report that assesses the impact in the first year of legal recreational cannabis sales in the state of Colorado and will hold a press teleconference today at 11 am (MT) with representatives from the Governor’s office, drug policy reform advocates, and prevention experts. The report looks at revenue, crime, safety, and youth prevention, among other topics. Visit the link below for complete details:



The state of Iowa has been asked by its Board of Pharmacy to consider reclassifying cannabis oil (cannabidiol) as a Schedule II drug and overturning its current Schedule I status, though they did not go so far as to request that cannabis itself be rescheduled. The legislature will consider this bill, as well as an already-submitted bill to reclassify the cannabis plant, this session. WHOTV has more:





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