Out of the Basement: Please Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Happy New Year from Weekend Review Kit! We’re glad to be back.


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At the end of every November, as we’re staring stonily into the eyes of the holiday season, we’re sure we have December under control. We think: December will not win this year; we are prepared. We are prepared for three birthdays in three weeks and for three houseguests for four days each and for Christmas, yes Christmas, with a just-turned-seven-year-old who wants, of all things, a Furby. For as long as we can, we maintain this illusion of control, and then we succumb to the unrelenting tide. We are never as ready as we think we are, and we always wake up sometime around December 28 wondering what the hell happened over the past month and why we’re still so tired.


So, we took some days off from publishing Weekend Review Kit and spent our post-holiday-chaos downtime reflecting on where we stood, as an organization and as a family, as 2014 drew to a close, and where we see ourselves heading in 2015.


We could safely say that last year had been one of the craziest, hardest years of our lives, and we didn’t expect things to get any easier. But we were also struck with the realization that the past four months had been some of the happiest, most wonderful times we’d shared. We’ve got a good thing going, and we are so lucky to work at something we love, with people we love. The only piece that seemed awry was this nagging feeling, on both our parts, that we weren’t being completely honest.


We’d started Weekend Review Kit because we believe there is absolutely nothing wrong, deviant, inappropriate, or immoral – nothing to be ashamed of – about the responsible use of cannabis by adults. Our vision was to provide a digital media space that encouraged people to come out of the basement because we know that reframing established perceptions of cannabis use and users will lead to the end of federal prohibition.


Yet we wrote under aliases, used photos of Jean Seberg and Samuel Beckett.


For the New Year, we are resolving to live more authentically, to live a more integrated life. And our first priority is coming out of the basement to all of you. From now on, though we still think the noms de plume (or de guerre) are fun, our work will be published under our actual names, and the pictures you see will actually be us. We feel good about this openness and think it will bring good things.


And we have plenty of good things in store for you in the coming year, including:


  • An expanded slate of features and interviews focusing on the things our community cares about: responsible cannabis use, the legalization movement, parenting, women’s issues, relationships, wellness, and other topics of cultural relevance.


  • A broader category of reviews: shop, strain, and accoutrement reviews, along with reviews of other things we enjoy, like books and music, will continue to be key components, but we’re expanding the category to include consumer education guides and resources for cannabis connoisseurs at every stage of their experience.


  • Yesterday’s News, a daily digest of trending cannabis stories. We transitioned to this format at the end of 2014 to allow us to cover cannabis news stories but devote more of our time and energy to the features, reviews, and resources our community needs.


  • Regular newsletter updates with offers and occasional free stuff for folks on our mailing list. You’ll definitely want to sign up so you don’t miss out.


There’s more, but we’re not giving away all the secrets in the first month!


We’re so excited for 2015 and the possibilities it holds for cannabis, and we’re proud to be part of this work. We hope you’ll be inspired to come out of the basement, to have a conversation with a skeptic, to educate people in your community, or to join the effort to end federal prohibition. Let’s make 2015 the Year of Cannabis, together.



Jenn and Chad

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