Yesterday’s News – December 22, 2014

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The Denver Post Editorial Board offers a compelling response to the lawsuit filed against Colorado and its cannabis regulations by Nebraska and Oklahoma, echoing Colorado AG’s assertion that the legal action is “without merit.” The Post urges the Supreme Court to refuse to take up the case, and Weekend Review Kit concurs:



Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, contributes his opinion on, calling the neighboring states’ decision a “desperate act” akin to a “hail Mary pass:”



Kansas might become a third plaintiff in the lawsuit, joining Nebraska and Oklahoma in their campaign against cannabis. Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s office is still “weighing its options.” The AP reports:



Mayor Ed Murray had plans to establish a permitting process for medical marijuana establishments in Seattle but will now “back off the plan and move in a different direction.” The proposal to license and regulate medical sales has encountered both legal hurdles and opposition from I-502 recreational shops. Marijuana Business Daily has the complete story:



Concentrated cannabis occupies a grey area in some laws, but a Sacramento state appellate court ruled last week that this evolving family of cannabis products is considered the same as marijuana for medical purposes, overturning a parole violation decision involving a California man who qualified for medical cannabis. Check out the Sacramento Bee for more:



2014 was a big year for cannabis, and, fittingly, NBC News put out its marijuana version of a year in review, “The Year in Pot,” which highlights important moments and key voices in the legalization movement as well as major players in the “anti-pot establishment.” The list focuses on the most mainstream, visible stories of the year, but it’s worth perusing, even if just to see how conventional news outlets cover cannabis:






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