Yesterday’s News – December 18, 2014

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Image: Vice (Munchies)

Image: Vice (Munchies)


Colorado’s Board of Health announced the recipients of nearly $8 million in grant money for medical marijuana studies. This marks the first time that government funded scientific research will focus on the benefits of cannabis, instead of looking for the potential for harm. Eight grants were awarded out of 57 applications, including one to Dr. Sue Sisley, who studied the effects of cannabis on post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans at the University of Arizona before moving into private practice. Other funded studies include cannabis treatment for: epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, brain tumors, and Parkinson’s disease. Yahoo! News has more:



Despite skepticism from other lawmakers, State Senator Karen Tallian has proposed legislation to allow medical marijuana in Indiana. She’s tried before to reform marijuana laws in her state and hopes that the limited scope of her new bill will be more likely to garner support than previous efforts to decriminalize cannabis. Read the Indy Star’s take on the chances of legalization in this red state:



And, when you need a break from all the politics and policy, check out Vice’s new show, Bong Appetit, on their Munchies food network. The first episode features classic Italian cuisine by 91-year-old “Nonna Marijuana.” NPR has complete details:


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