Yesterday’s News – December 17, 2014  

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According to the 2014 Monitoring the Future Study, conducted by the University of Michigan and The National Institutes on Drug Abuse, marijuana consumption among teens was down over the past year. This evidence stands in stark contrast to the insistences of prohibitionists like Andy Harris that the legalization movement sends the wrong message to teens. Check out Christopher Ingraham’s piece at The Washington Post for more in-depth analysis and lots of links:



Oregon has tapped Tom Burns to head the marijuana division of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Burns, a wine aficionado whose son works at a dispensary, previously oversaw the state’s medical marijuana program. The Oregonian’s Noelle Crombie portrays Burns as level headed, open minded, and working hard to learn about the industry from as many perspectives as possible. He also enjoys bowties, just like WRK!



As Delaware is set to open its first medical marijuana dispensary in April, state lawmakers are considering whether or not to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis for everyone. Cynthia Ferguson, Executive Director of Delaware NORML, hopes that this is just the initial step toward total legalization. The state does not allow for the ballot measures used to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and DC this past year, and the law would have to be passed by the general assembly. Read Jonathan Starkey’s article at The News Journal (Delaware Online) for more comprehensive coverage of the scene in The First State:

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