Yesterday’s News — December 16, 2014

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The latest word out of DC: the City Council, led by Chairman Phil Mendelson, will submit a bill implementing Initiative 71 to the U.S. Congress in January as if the omnibus rider referencing the District’s legalization of cannabis hadn’t happened. Congress would then have 30 days to veto the bill before it took effect, and the Council is hoping lawmakers have their hands full with issues such as immigration and health care and won’t have the time to meddle in the city’s affairs. We can’t wait to see how this shakes out, and what it does for Rep. Andy Harris’s chance of ever being elected to public office again (in case you haven’t seen it: Read the complete story at the Washington Post:



Backed by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Texas State Representative Joe Moody introduced legislation to decriminalize possession of less than one ounce of cannabis. The violation, which now carries a criminal penalty including a hefty fee and the threat of jail time, would be a simple $100 fine, similar to a parking ticket. The MPP expects more cannabis legislation in Texas this year, including a bill to legalize medical marijuana and another to legalize recreational pot. Advocates acknowledge Texas might not be ready for a legal cannabis market but maintain that it can’t hurt to initiate the conversation. Time has more:



Though French law stands in staunch opposition to cannabis of any kind, for any purpose, French company KanaVape will introduce a hemp/CBD oil vaporizer in mid-December in many world markets, including France. The company claims that the product is entirely legal and that it will give people “the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotic effect of THC.” We do hope that last quote suffered from an error in translation; either way, we’re not so sure about the KanaVape. What good is vaping if you can’t get psychotic? Check out the full story on RT:


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