Holiday Gifts for Cool People: Fancy Glass

What kind of cool people will like it: dedicated and classy cannabis aficionados, people with who like handmade but affordable one-of-a-kind works of art, Winnie the Pooh


Some cool places you might find it: Illuzion Glass Galleries 238 Broadway Denver CO 80203 (720.420.0211), Clear Choice Cannabis 8001 South Hosmer Street Tacoma WA 98408 (253.444.5444), J Friendly 408 Delaware Avenue Towson MD 21286 (410.296.6800)



Image: Illuzion Glass

Image: Illuzion Glass, Ill Glass x Joe Peters


How old is Winnie the Pooh? He can’t be a child, right? He lives on his own, without much adult supervision, managing to keep himself entertained and well-fed, even though his head is stuffed with fluff. At the very least he’s college age. I bet he loves weed. Winnie’s always in a good mood, is a top-notch problem solver undeterred by mistakes, and he really wants something sweet to eat. He’s also always willing to help out his friends with whatever they need. Such a selfless, loyal, fun-loving companion – we all have one, right? – deserves a great present. But fictional bears who we think enjoy cannabis aren’t really covered in the annual “13 Gifts for Your Tired Stoner Stereotype” columns.


Don’t worry, though, Winnie is actually pretty easy to shop for. Just head to Illuzion in Denver and pick up one of their melting honey pot pipes. We bet your Winnie loves it so much that he packs it right up for you, maybe he packs too much, and once you get it unclogged you’ll be celebrating the joys of doing nothing together in no time.


If you’re not personally friends with Winnie the Pooh, hand blown glass is still a great gift idea for the conscious connoisseur in your life, and there are few glass galleries in the country better than Illuzion.


A must-visit-before-you-die glass shop, Illuzion looks and feels like one of those fancy car galleries you see in movies. Every inch of their display cases is packed with mind-blowing works of functional art. You could spend hours admiring the intricacies of each piece, and some of the fun is in guessing exactly how the more complicated pipes might operate. If you get confused the staff is friendly and well informed; they’re happy to have to you respectfully browse their selection and will answer any of your questions.


Illuzion, like most quality glass shops around the country, has something for every price range. Want to invite Winnie the Pooh over for your Game of Thrones Holiday Marathon Party? You can buy a dragon pipe for thousands of dollars. Need an inexpensive thank you for Winnie’s girlfriend’s mom for letting you use her HBO GO password? Try a small glass jar or stash tin. Winnie’s girlfriend’s mom can put any number of keepsakes in her stash tin. She doesn’t have to just stash weed.


If you don’t happen to live in or near the Promised Land that is Denver, most cities or college towns will have a shop that sells hand blown glass. We suggest you check out Illuzion’s Facebook page first, so that you have an idea of what the industry standard should be, but don’t be too hard on your local shop for not totally living up to that standard. There are few places that can. If you live in the Seattle area you can check out Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma, which earns extra points for selling not only high quality glass but also the cannabis to go with it. Clear Choice is especially convenient if you’ve spent the day getting your friend out of a tree hole and need a one stop shop for a pipe and some pipe stuffings.


Whoever you’re buying for, though, handmade art is always a winner. And if you’re shopping for that classy cannabis appreciator, be they real or imagined, hand blown glass pipes are a one-of-a-kind gift that will provide comfort for years. Snuggly little cuddly little comfort.


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