Yesterday’s News – December 12, 2014

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Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD)

Rep. Andy Harris, who vowed to overturn DC cannabis legalization, wrote the rider language that now ensures it will be enacted.



Was Initiative 71 saved by unclear and poorly written language? It looks like it. Though the omnibus was passed by the House on Thursday night, just hours before a looming government shutdown, Congressional Democrats say cannabis legalization be will be enacted in DC, while taxed and regulated sales will not. The District will be allowed to implement reforms that have already passed but not create new marijuana laws (e.g. a regulatory framework for retail sales). Alternet has more details from last night on the Hill:



With this news, it appears that there’s a clear winner in WRK’s efforts to “Santorum” Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD). From now on, at least in our house, to “Andy Harris” will mean to craft a bill or rider with such blundering language that it actually stands in opposition to the writer’s original intent. Though we had hoped it would have some connection to pork chops and gravy.



Not that it matters anymore, but President Obama said he supported DC cannabis legalization, though he would “reluctantly” sign the spending bill anyway. More from ABC News:


The president claimed to have similar feelings regarding the two major points of contention for party democrats (a ten-fold increase in campaign finance limits and the reversal of Dodd-Frank banking reforms). The Guardian has a summary of the omnibus vote and its implications:



In further proof that we’re dismantling prohibition one tiny piece at a time, the Justice Department has announced new policies that will allow American Indian tribes to grow and sell cannabis on reservation lands. So long as they have in place “robust and effective regulatory systems” and avoid the eight key enforcement areas the DOJ has touted since states began to legalize it, cannabis production and sale will be legal on reservations. U.S. and World Report has the full story:



In lighter news, has a complete list of winners from Wednesday’s Cannabis Business Awards in Denver:


Congratulations to everyone whose innovative ideas and hard work keep the industry going and bring us closer to the end of federal prohibition!



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