Strain Reviews: Green Crack

Mindful’s Green Crack


What we enjoyed: a wake up in the morning, get you going kind of high, even in the snow; a strong sativa with just enough mellow to take the edge off; wonderful for conversation and possibly memorization


Rating: 4.5/5


Snowy Green Crack


The polar vortex was trying its best to spoil our weekend. A subzero wind chill, light snow coating the ground and flitting through the air, no sun in sight. Plus, we’d consumed a fair amount of Kosher Kush the night before, so that wasn’t helping us get out of bed. It was the perfect morning to take the blankets with you straight to the couch and stay in your pajamas, drinking tea and watching movies, for hours.


But we had work to do and deadlines to meet. Which meant not only did we have to leave the house, but we also had to shower first.


Luckily, we’d picked up an eighth of Mindful’s Green Crack, and we know this was the right time to try it.



We’d done our research before heading to Mindful’s Colfax Avenue location the day before, and we went looking for their Golden Goat. Specifically the Golden Goat, because we’ve been on a sort of obsessive mission for over a decade to find a strain comparable to the Honolulu Haze we loved so dearly when we lived in Holland but haven’t located since. And Leafly had us thinking maybe the Golden Goat was a relative.


We never did find out. Because it was apparently a hugely popular choice that weekend and was sold out by the time we made it there on Saturday afternoon.


It’s hard to be disappointed, though, when you’ve got your face in a jar of incredibly fragrant cannabis, which the budtender was quick to offer as a substitute. His recommendation was the Green Crack, and, while we’re not fans of the name and have encountered GC that we haven’t loved in the past, we were won over by the look in his eye and by the flower he presented to us.



The budtenders at Mindful won our enduring trust, because the Green Crack we purchased there was the best we’ve tried and exactly what we were looking for. Its superiority was apparent from the outset, from its lovely, dense, and intricate bud structure accented by bright orange hairs to its super pungent citrusy aroma, which left my hands smelling like I’d just washed them with Meyer lemon soap. The taste was less zingy, but had a syrupy tropical note. Though it’s descended from Skunk #1, the Green Crack had more of a fruity flavor, bordering on pineapple. Definitely a yummy choice for breakfast, buzzing around up there in the nose and forehead.


Breakfast! That’s where we were supposed to be going! We’d opened the map and been sucked into its matrix of intersecting streets and light rail lines, attempting, with laser focus, to commit the entire city of Denver to memory. No need, silly! Plug that shit into Google and direct that humming head energy to your feet.


One more taste of Green Crack was all we needed to brave the frozen streets of Denver, and it turned out to be a pretty great strain for both a long walk and catching up with old friends over a fabulous meal. I felt chatty and responsive, eager to engage but not edgy or overwhelmed, and the clarity of the high made it easy to follow the conversation and ponder the topics at hand. Eating was a distinct pleasure: my appetite kicked in, and the flavors and textures of the food were enhanced by my heightened senses.


There seemed to be just enough of an indica touch, hinted at by the relatively tight buds, to balance the super energized sativa punch the Green Crack packs. The most noticeable difference between this particular batch and the varieties we’d had before was the lack of an intense racy feeling. Maybe it’s psychosomatic due to the name, but I’ve tended to experience a jumpy, nervous feeling from Green Crack that was totally absent with Mindful’s product. We were at ease in the chilly outdoors, in public spaces, and meeting new people, and the smoothness of the high allowed us to handle our obligations with the grace and aplomb that’s become synonymous with the WRK brand.



Mindful’s Green Crack may have saved our weekend from the clutches of arctic air; it certainly made for an entertaining and productive Sunday. It also changed my mind about the strain itself and demonstrated that genetics determine a lot, but environment is equally important. Now, if we could only do something about that name….


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