Yesterday’s News – December 8, 2014

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Image: Houston Chronicle

Image: Houston Chronicle


Houston Police Chief Charles McClellan called the drug war a “miserable failure” and urged the federal government to “take the lead in setting our drug policies,” particularly in regards to cannabis reform. McClellan’s remarks came months after Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) stated his support for marijuana decriminalization and just weeks after Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced that her office would no longer pursue criminal charges against first-time offenders possessing less than two ounces of marijuana. Read more on Huffington Post:


For the interview transcript, see “Cultural Baggage” on the Drug Truth Network:



USA Today examined the cannabis industry’s growing political influence with a piece on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s efforts to legitimize the business of marijuana and build a strong community of support:



The Stanley brothers continue to expand their Charlotte’s Web CBD oil manufacturing operation and hope to meet the needs of the 12,000 patients worldwide who are now on a waiting list for the medicine. They plan to add 200 acres of cannabis growing space by the spring, including 50 acres in Uruguay, where they already have a new facility. An additional 3,500 patients in Colorado and California are expected to receive the oil, which has an incredible track record of treating epilepsy and other seizure disorders, by January. For more details, see the article in The Colorado Springs Gazette:



Kentucky Senator and potential 2016 presidential hopeful Rand Paul (R) implied in a television interview with Louisville station WHAS that he smoked cannabis in college, adding “kids make mistakes…I made mistakes when I was a kid.” While Paul believes that individual states have the right to legalize cannabis without federal government intervention, he also does not support federal legalization. Yahoo! News has details:–election.html


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