Mindful Consumption: Stuffed with Love

Mindful on Colfax

5926 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80220



Why you should go: unbridled enthusiasm, thoughtful service, reasonable prices, makes you feel good about yourself, nice selection of flower and other products, they take credit cards


Rating: 5/5





Once, when we were younger parents, when we knew less, we agreed to take our daughter to one of those build-your-own stuffed animal businesses in the mall. In hindsight horrific, it’s clear that we all, even the grownups, got carried away by the earnest excitement of the woman assisting us through the choosing and stuffing and accessorizing processes. Make the pony have a heartbeat? Sounds reasonable. Smell like cotton candy? Okay, we like that smell. Sing a song when you squeeze the pony? Well that’s only natural, we’ll take two. It wasn’t until we heard the total that we realized how much we’d purchased.


The woman wasn’t trying to dupe us; she earned no commission. It was simply that she loved her job, was proud of all the different ways you could stuff your toy, and enjoyed making kids happy. Her genuine enthusiasm was contagious. We swore we’d never go back, because we don’t make that kind of money, but we always appreciate that kind of passion.


And that’s what we’re looking for in a cannabis purveyor: we want to give our money to people who approach their product like the bear-building sales associate who helped our child stuff her pony. It’s this ardor and authenticity, this compassionate stance toward the product and the customer, that make Mindful on Colfax a great place to buy your cannabis.


You will feel the love as soon as you walk through the front door. Inside a small lobby we passed our IDs to a young woman who was smiling the entire time. She welcomed us and thanked us for coming with a friendliness you don’t always get at the front door, before buzzing us into a large, well maintained seating area. There was a comfortable, living room feel about the place, and the armed security guard, a potentially off-putting presence to some, was happy and engaging. If not for the uniform and gun you’d assume he was there because he too loves shopping at Mindful. He joked when sirens blared in the distance that he still gets a little jumpy and has to remind himself that there’s no need for that anymore.


On the day we visited there were two people collecting cans for a holiday food drive, offering discounts in exchange for non-perishable food items. Mindful does an excellent job, maybe the best we’ve encountered, of giving you the sense that you are a part of a community before you even get to the budtender.


But it’s the budtenders that really separate Mindful from some of its competitors. On our first visit we worked with Atticus, who took his time telling us about all of the fine products Mindful has to offer and also made us feel welcome and safe enough to ask some more general questions. After years of looking for answers on unreliable message boards (“holding in your hit does nothing, the THC is absorbed immediately, bro, you’re an idiot” / “exhaling too fast doesn’t allow your body to absorb everything and you’re wasting it, bro, you’re an idiot”) it was really nice to be able consult an expert who obviously relishes these conversations.


We probably should have been recording all the information because it came quickly and profusely. It was kind of like talking to a chat-board, if chat-boards could answer any question you posed immediately, genuinely cared that you got the right answer, and love love loved cannabis. Want to know if the Franken-pen you’ve been using is on the right voltage? Atticus has an opinion, and might even use the word Franken-pen. When we were finished we felt like Atticus must like us best out of all the customers he’d ever waited on, until we heard him giving the same sincere devotion to the medical customer next in line. Then we realized, Mindful loves us all.


Of course, strong customer service does not always equal quality product, but Mindful delivered there as well. We had come looking specifically for the Golden Goat, and we were assured we had chosen a quality strain. So quality that it was sold out. Atticus quickly pointed us toward the Green Crack for its similarities, while apologizing and complementing our taste. His alternative recommendation was perfect. Though we really had our hearts set on the pinkish, Hawaiian style Golden Goat, the Green Crack hardly seemed like a consolation prize. A nice selection of chocolates, gummies, and tinctures, as well as several varieties of concentrates and a topical salve was on display. Our budtender talked candidly about best uses for each product and offered opinions when we requested them.


Mindful makes it worth your while to stop by often. Posters on the walls advertise their specials, which offer some solid deals; e.g. buy one get one half off edibles on Mondays and Shatterday Night Live, 25% off shatter after 4 on Saturdays. They are also one of the only stores to take debit and credit cards, which can be dangerous for your budget but is truly awesome.


Lots of places have deals, though, and lots of places have amazing flower. The best cannabis shops combine service, product, and affordability, and the best budtenders excel at offering an experience that is accommodating and satisfying for the consumer. At Mindful you can tell they really care, that providing you with the very highest quality matters to them, because their love of the product is evident. It’s like going to see music: the special bands, the ones you connect with and want to see again, are the ones that get as excited playing for the audience as the audience does listening to the band. The joy you’ll find at Mindful is contagious, and you’ll leave feeling good about the things you purchased.


Some of them may even smell like cotton candy.


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