Yesterday’s News — December 4, 2014

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Super Silver Haze BHO


With BHO use on the rise and many recreational customers saying they prefer concentrated forms of cannabis to flower, some in the industry are beginning to look more closely at its long term effects. This year’s Global Drug Survey, one of the largest ever of its kind, focuses heavily on BHO consumption. Check out this op-ed on Huffington Post for an examination into the history of scientifically modifying plants for medicine and fun:


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Now that Ballot Measure 2 has passed, Alaska is beginning to examine options for recreational cannabis sales. A report by legislative researchers suggests the state could expect to make as much as $7 million dollars in the first year but that it will cost about that much to implement. KTVA Anchorage has coverage of the report, and raises some valid concerns about reaching Alaska’s more rural areas:



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