Yesterday’s News — December 3, 2014

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Cannabis Dining


Cannabis and cuisine are a great combination, but with public consumption still illegal even in Colorado, it’s a dine-at-your-own-risk situation. Chefs and foodies who enjoy a bit of marijuana with their matsutake mushrooms have been relegated to private parties, but some companies are trying to break the taboo in an effort to change the law. For more about cannabis dining, see the Associated Press feature on Huffington Post:



Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is on a campaign to eradicate illegal medical marijuana dispensaries and has succeeded in shuttering at least 400 since Proposition D was approved last spring. He’s now taking aim at Nestdrop, a smartphone app that connects patients with product. The Los Angeles Daily News has the full story:



Melissa Etheridge has created a line of fine “wine tinctures,” or cannabis-infused wines, using a cold-extraction process that renders marijuana less psychoactive, for both recreational and therapeutic uses. Check out this piece on CBS News for more information:



Minnesota Department of Health chose two companies out of 12 candidates to become the state’s first licensed producers of medical marijuana. LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions, both physician-led organizations, will grow cannabis and process it into liquid or pill forms to be sold at distribution centers for the estimated 5,000 Minnesotans who will qualify for medical cards. Read all the details in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:



Bill Downing, a Boston-area activist who opened CBD Please, an unlicensed medical marijuana shop in Allston, says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care if his operation is legal. He claims his products, which include salves and sprays, are manufactured from hemp and contain no THC. Watch this segment from Boston’s CBS affiliate:





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