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The Clinic Colorado

3888 E. Mexico Avenue, Suite 110, Denver, CO 80210


Why you should go: unsurpassed professionalism (environment, service, and product); many highly lauded cannabis strains, abundant array of concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and utensils; palpable altruistic spirit; educational mini-lessons from budtenders; potential location for World Headquarters of Marijuana global domination initiative


Rating: 5/5



The Clinic waiting room


The plane had landed over 20 minutes ago, but we were still in our seats, and there was no indication we’d be moving any time soon. The pilot’s voice crackled over the speaker: “Passengers who are staying here in Denver, we ask that you remain on the plane to allow those with connecting flights to disembark first.” Groan. After the almost-five hour plane ride, we were antsy; it felt like landing at Schiphol and bracing yourself for the train ride into Amsterdam. Buzzing anticipation, barely containable, excitement vibrating in your muscles.


One glance at Dan confirmed my intuition: If we couldn’t walk off this plane soon, we might be forced to break a window. Did they not know we were headed to The Clinic?


We chose The Clinic Colorado as our first stop on our well-planned business trip to Denver (it’s a charmed life when your business is cannabis), not because of its proximity to the airport or because it was easy to find, but because it had come highly recommended as one of the premiere cannabis shops in the city and we wanted to start with the best. We were rewarded handsomely for our patience and persistence.


The Clinic is located off of the busy Colorado Boulevard, tucked away in a business park among insurance companies and Lasik providers. There is a small lot with limited labeled parking and a large garage behind the building. The garage advertises free parking for the first hour, but, as the gate was open and no one was in the booth to take my ticket, it seemed that parking was free all day.


If you’d never been to The Clinic Colorado before, you might question for a moment whether you’d actually reached your destination due to the office building vibe. But as soon as we opened the glass door to 3888 E. Mexico Avenue, there was no mistaking the sweet aroma of cannabis. And, if we still needed convincing, we had only to glance around as we walked down the hall: it looked and felt like we were in the World Headquarters of Marijuana. If the industry ever contemplates global domination, this building will be where the revolution starts. Many canna-businesses, including CannLabs and Grassroots Medical Clinic Marijuana Doctors, call 3888 E. Mexico Avenue home, as do heavy hitters Weedmaps and NORML, whose posters line the walls. Each office is clearly labeled with discreet signage, and it was easy to navigate the snaking halls and find the door that opened to The Clinic.


A spacious, comfortable waiting room greeted us, with plenty of seats and plenty to keep a curious connoisseur occupied. There was merchandise on the walls, a Zen garden table, a drinking water dispenser, educational pamphlets on cannabis products and laws, and casual reading material like the most recent issue of Westword. Weedmaps TV was on and featured a segment about The Clinic’s annual Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the MS Society, a reminder of the marijuana center’s philanthropic priorities.


We received friendly service right away; the check-in window was visible from the entrance and the woman behind it greeted us enthusiastically. She took our identification and asked us to have a seat. After a short wait, the budtender, who now held our IDs, called us into the product room.


A level of professionalism that isn’t available at all recreational shops was evident in every aspect of our experience, from the layout of the office space to the décor and interior design elements. But this quality was especially apparent once we started to browse the product.


The Clinic offered several award winning selections of flower, including Kosher Kush (indica) and Stardawg Guava (sativa), both currently categorized as “Dispensary Choice (D.C.)” strains, and the hybrid Ghost OG. The prices were what you might expect for a top-notch outfit, with D.C. bud going for around $70 an eighth and the most affordable eighths coming in at $46 (for out-of-state customers). Our budtender easily sold us on the staff favorite Kosher Kush (“Our Kosher Kush put The Clinic on the map,” he told us), and we picked up a gram of the Lemon G-13 to feed our longstanding fascination with this particular strain.


Additionally, we discovered more varieties of shatter than we’d ever seen in one place (over five different kinds, between $60 and $75 a gram) and a whole host of edibles, drinks, and tinctures, all reasonably priced. Love’s Oven, Sweet Grass, Dixie, Canyon Cultivation, EdiPure, and Incredibles products were prominently featured in the display case and the refrigerator. The Clinic offers one stop shopping; if you need a new vape pen or atomizer, you can probably find them here as well.


Most budtenders are friendly and informed about what they sell, and the best tailor the experience to their customer’s needs. At The Clinic Colorado, though, they take customer service to the next level. Our budtender was like an encyclopedia of marijuana: extremely knowledgeable about all of the products for sale; up-to-date on industry practices and standards; and incredibly accommodating as we asked one question after another. When we apologized for our insatiable inquisitiveness, he laughed; there was no rush, and he seemed to revel in the opportunity to share his expertise. We left with some fantastic cannabis and a thorough understanding of the extraction process for making concentrates and edibles.


The Clinic operates six marijuana centers, four in Denver (three of which sell recreational cannabis) and two in Lakewood (medical only). The Clinic Colorado is the perfect place to go for a first shop visit, whether you’re new to the marijuana scene or you’ve been toking for decades. An industry standard, a baseline from which to compare and assess other recreational shops, it will calibrate your canna-sense and tune your standards to a higher frequency. Be warned, though, if you do go here first (and we recommend you do), many other places won’t live up to your expectations. Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a discerning cannabis connoisseur.


The Clinic Zen Garden


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