Strain Reviews: Moonshine Haze

Pink House’s Moonshine Haze (Rare Dankness Seeds)


What we enjoyed: high THC content, mellow mental clarity, left us uplifted and level headed, made us all geniuses


Rating: 5/5



Moonshine Haze

Image: Rare Dankness


Weekend Review Kit’s editorial team had our work cut out for us. We had to eat brunch at one of the best restaurants in Denver (review forthcoming). Then we had to try some of the amazing indicas grown by Pink House, incredible OG specialists. Because it was too late to go the Denver Botanical Gardens for the Chihuly exhibit we decided to take our friends up on their offer to drive us into the Rocky Mountains for a literal breath of fresh air. And when we finished with all these things, WRK needed to get some work done. This meant finding a good sativa, something that would keep us awake but settled, energetic but focused.


There was so much quality flower at Pink House Pearl, and since everything looked amazing, we followed our budtender’s advice: Moonshine Haze, with a ridiculous THC content above 30%.


From Colorado’s Rare Dankness Seed Company, Moonshine Haze is a cross between Amnesia Haze and Nevil’s Wreck, both sativa dominant. According to their website, Moonshine’s mom, Amnesia Haze, is an Afghani dominant strain from Soma Seeds’ 2005-2009 series, and the relaxing, resin-heavy tendencies are not completely absent in her child.


The deep orange hairs, crystal coated, shine from across the room. Perfectly grown and immaculately trimmed, as you’d expect from Pink House, the flower breaks up nicely in your hands and grinds up well too. Even with minimal touching, your fingers will have a stickiness to them you won’t always get from buds in the dry Denver air. It smells and tastes the way you’d want a haze to smell and taste: like lemons coated with the spicy dirt you might scoop up from the base of a leaking diesel tank.


After a day of decadent brunch, mountain drives, and a few indica samples, this was a nice jolt back toward a more cerebral, clear-minded high, while still relaxing the body just enough. Moonshine Haze is such a powerful sativa that you can feel the effects immediately, like a shot of espresso, without the caffeine jitters. It’s this combination, the majority sativa mixed with just the smallest trace of indica, that creates ideal working conditions for us. Relaxed enough for the ideas to flow freely, aware enough to organize and even execute those ideas.


Like, what if we got business cards made out of those old hemp Adidas? No, business cards made out of recycled shoes are a bad idea. Maybe just hemp business cards then? Yes, it’s more expected, more on the nose, but already in production and, so, easier to acquire.


Excellent idea. Let’s order some right now.


And, how about a web series called Brandi vs. Weed where our friend Brandi, who has the highest marijuana tolerance on the planet, takes on experts in various fields after they have both consumed the same amount of cannabis. Can Episode One be smoking a twaxed joint and making a grilled cheese against an executive chef? Brandi will always win, right? Brandi is a machine.


Excellent idea. Copyright Weekend Review Kit, by the way.


Could we start a line of Weekend Review Kit merchandise consisting of things that fit perfectly inside of other things, like that picture of the little cookie fitting inside of a to-go coffee lid? Could we make a bento box for edibles that was a series of containers all nestled into each other, like a puzzle stash box? We could do that, yes?


Excellent idea. Patent pending.


Okay, good session. I love how cannabis can help us work. Thanks, Moonshine Haze; you’ll be invited to all future Weekend Review Kit business meetings. If you play your cards right, we’ll think about making you part owner.


For more information:


Pink House Blooms


Rare Dankness Seeds


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