The Best Things in Life Are Pink

Pink House | Pearl

1445 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210


Why you should go: a plethora of incredible strains with topnotch genetics, including several dynamite OG varieties (Pink House’s specialty), friendly staff who cater the experience to your needs, great neighborhood, fancy digs, super cool “Down To Blaze” gear and bright pink canisters


Rating: 4.5/5





We visited Pink House on Pearl on a Sunday afternoon, post-brunch, before a drive into the Rockies. It should be noted that these particular circumstances, if they line up exactly in this way, constitute perhaps the greatest moment of the week: a moment of full-bellied freedom with the magnificent mountains on the horizon, a moment in which you know you live a beautiful life and all feels right in the world. Such was our perspective that fine day, and our experience at Pink House added a sweet note to our weekend reverie.


The Pearl Street shop is one of five Pink House locations (four in Denver, including a partnership with Verde Wellness, and one in Colorado Springs), the only one of which sells recreational cannabis. Lodged in a quaint pink (arguably…Ella says champagne or piggy, Dan’s says it’s definitely taupe) brick house on the arborous historic South Pearl Street with a welcoming sign, tidy landscaping, and a picket fence out front, the location feels posh and well maintained. The neighborhood boasts upscale restaurants and stores, making Pink House a convenient stop after a coffee date or a shopping excursion. Though it was easy enough to find a spot on the street, the dispensary also offers a lot behind their building, likely a huge bonus on warmer weekends or during the busy holiday season when street parking is scarce.


Entering Pink House was similar to entering a friend’s home; a sidewalk path through the yard led to the front door, the front door opened to a staircase (for staff use only) and a cozy, warmly lit sitting area. The walls were decorated with artfully painted skateboards; they were fun to look at but, as a companion noted, didn’t really fit in with the rest of the décor or neighborhood vibe. The woman behind the desk greeted us enthusiastically, checked us in quickly and easily, happily directed us to the restroom, and chatted with us while we waited. We were impressed with the compassionate way she helped a customer who had lost her Red Card but plainly needed medicine; she was patient and sensitive while still clear about her obligation to uphold the law.


pinkhouse boards


Service is a one-at-a-time process (though recreational and medical customers are served in two separate rooms, so it actually can be two-at-a-time) at Pink House, and while this can go slowly when you’re waiting, when it’s your turn you really feel the love. Our budtender was more than happy to take the time to pull out whatever we wanted to see, and he obviously had a great deal of knowledge about the strains he showed us. The best in the business are not only adept at recommending and selling bud, but intuitive about their customers’ interests and levels of expertise; the staff at Pink House is no exception. They’re friendly, accommodating, and informative; they also ask questions and respect the clients’ preferences and knowledge.


At a place like Pink House, though, it doesn’t really matter what you prefer or what you know: you’ll want to look at it all. They have an incredible selection, with so many high quality flowers and a nice assortment of edibles. There are no concentrates on the recreational side right now, but we’ve been informed that this will be changing soon, when Pink House acquires their own MIP (marijuana-infused products) license. It’s well worth it to go to Pink House solely for their bud, though, because it is truly impeccable. With a dizzying array of indicas, numerous hybrids, and a handful of sativas, it was hard to choose just a couple to sample. Pink House is known for developing unique OG crosses, and they were well represented on the menu: Fluffhead OG, FYF OG, and Blackout OG (indicas), along with Blue OG and SFV OG (hyrids) were just a few of Ocean Grown offspring we found. Overall, Pink House flowers are definitely some of the best we’d seen, in terms of quality, potency, the care with which they were grown and prepared, and a high that matched the description from the budtender.


Pink House can be on the pricey side, especially if you purchase from their Tier 1, but you can immediately see (and smell…) what you’re paying for. They stock several options in a range of prices, and even their cheaper strains are of high quality. An industry leader in strain development and growing practices, Pink House is consistently introducing new flower. Often their latest strains start out as Tier 1 and become more affordable once they’re not so novel, so there’s incentive to check back frequently!


Few things can compare to a weekend afternoon of delicious food and mountain views, and a stop at Pink House might be the perfect addition to a quintessential Colorado day. This place is a connoisseur’s delight; we’ll be keeping our eyes on them and their strains. We are definitely down to blaze whatever Pink House has to offer.





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