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Weekend Review Kit likes to take care of our bodies. It’s important to us that we, whenever possible, provide ourselves with sustenance that is both healthy and delicious. To make truly great food you need great ingredients, but that doesn’t have to mean spending all your hard earned money at Whole Paycheck. Farmers Markets are where WRK heads whenever we want to sample the finest foods and goods a community has to offer. A childless Sunday, a nice sativa, and the smell of a farmers market in the morning: a truly beautiful thing.



  1. Have a list.


It doesn’t matter if we’re completely cannabis free or if we’ve consumed all the cannabis before heading to the market; we are worthless without a list. Going to the market unprepared guarantees that we will return with things that live on the periphery of a good meal. We bought cheese and chocolate milk and look at these mushrooms – they were just foraged – but yes, we did forget all the proteins and, yes, some country bread would have been nice. We got babka and almond pastries though! Can you believe this is what two pounds of kale looks like? There is protein in kale, you know. Shit, we forgot the eggs too. No, we did not get high the first time we overlooked all those things. If we had, we would have been more focused, and would have at least remembered the bacon.


We’ve learned our lesson. The list is in Ella’s pocket. We are ready!


WRK likes to pick up the necessities before strolling and browsing, and sometimes we take our filled bags back to the car. It’s confusing for the person waiting for our parking spot, but it allows us to get what we need in terms of food for the week and to take our time and enjoy our cannabis while we are at the market. We do feel bad, though, awkwardly trying to explain through hand gestures that we are not leaving, just dropping off some groceries.



  1. Get first breakfast at the market and try to sample some of the local fare.


Once you’ve got what you need, take the time to explore all that your region has to offer. We like to start the day with a good clean sativa and then trust our senses. Generally, what smells the most appealing to us is the most rewarding. Not counting donuts, which taste and smell delicious but are bad for our stomach. If mini donuts do not bother your stomach, Weekend Review Kit suggests you treat yourself to a few, with powdered sugar and sprinkles.


But if you, like us, don’t always function well when you begin your morning with a piece of fried dough, most markets have something to offer. WRK has always had a soft spot for the crepe stand, and Ella and Dan can often be found ordering one savory, maybe mozzarella and tomato, and one sweet, probably Nutella and strawberries, to share on a bench.


If you are vegan, we suggest you look for the samosa and juice stands. A veggie samosa and cup of pineapple mango concoction is an excellent breakfast, even if you do have a bag full of pork products.



  1. Choose ingredients for a proper brunch on the spot.


A favorite family tradition! You’re well stocked with food for the week, and you’ve had a little snack. Now it’s time to shop for the brunch you will make as soon as you get home. You’ve walked around the market a few times and you have a feel for what’s in season locally. Be spontaneous and try to plan a brunch based on the ingredients available.


We like to try to keep it to fewer than five components. The challenge makes us feel like we are on a cooking show, and it ensures we don’t wind up with an overly complicated brunch menu, leading to a destroyed kitchen, leading to take-out for dinner.


If you are a person who likes fish and bacon, please make yourself some fish and bacon for breakfast. If you are vegetarian and like mushrooms we suggest a mushroom omelet with some local cheese.


If you are vegan, then congrats! Your market-made breakfast is the simplest and possibly the most gratifying. Find some nice bread and an avocado, olive oil, and salt. Many markets now have stands that sell artisanal olive oils and a variety of naturally colored salts. Slice and griddle the bread and drizzle on a bit of oil, mush up the avocado and salt and spread it around. Repeat. This is the breakfast served to saints and poets in the afterlife.



  1. Be mindful of your surroundings.


Maybe you couldn’t leave the kids with Nana. That’s okay; we love family trips to the market! But please be courteous to the other shoppers. If you brought a double stroller and then immediately realized that your children don’t want to sit in the stroller and you have to carry them, make sure to keep that double stroller off to the side so it doesn’t prevent everyone else from getting what they need. If you need to bring a small wagon for all the stuff you intend to buy, make sure you’re aware of how you’ve parked that wagon. If you see the friend you haven’t seen for months and you’re in a fantastic mood because of the sativa you consumed first thing in the morning and you’re really excited to talk about the Spoon show you saw last night, make sure to remove yourself from any heavily-travelled path.


We wouldn’t want anyone to blame the obstruction on cannabis.



  1. Tip the buskers.


That gentleman made a trumpet out of PVC pipe and an old aluminum showerhead and then learned how to play Let It Go for all the kids, one or two of which are yours. He deserves a dollar.



  1. Take some time to look at the artwork and clothing.


Markets aren’t just about food. They give local artists space to display all their hard work and an audience to appreciate it. Want to have a conversation about the best uses for repurposed scrap metal or to find a table made out of the kind of trees growing near your house? Head to the farmers market. You can often find handmade jewelry and unique clothing items as well.


Based on our completely unscientific evidence-gathering process, Weekend Review Kit has determined that farmers market stands are the leading producers of artisanal socks in this country. We’re not sure when this happened, when novelty socks became so prevalent, but we applaud the evolution. If you’re at a market with clothes for sale, WRK highly recommends that you either buy a pair of socks or ask the vendor if s/he knows how to make a pair.


We are currently, in our minds, designing socks with avocado spread on toast, since, aside from cannabis, few things are as rewarding early on a weekend morning.



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