Sacred Seed: This Must Be The Place

Sacred Seed

5885 E Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80222


Why you should go: hospitable environment conducive to total relaxation, some of the best budtenders in the business, spectacular selection, outstanding product, delicious deals


Rating: 5/5




It’s important, evolutionarily at least, to step out of your routine, to try new things, to push your own boundaries with new experiences. But sometimes you want to feel comfortable and do the same thing you did last weekend. Maybe you have your go-to bar where you always know what craft brews are on tap, or maybe you frequent a particular diner so often that the servers know how you like your eggs cooked. Familiarity does not always breed discontent and can be good for the soul.


The search to find a home in this new landscape of cannabis – a dispensary with a welcoming staff and an all-around great product selection, a place solid enough to become our regular spot – has been nothing but enjoyable. It is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to sample such an assortment of quality shops. When we finally discovered Sacred Seed, though, something about it spoke to us, and we knew that this must be the place.


The first visit was great. The hardest part was trying to tell if anyone was behind the almost one-sided mirror at the check-in. Beyond that point were three couches, a couple of chairs, and a large round table filled with reading material. The spacious room encouraged lounging and required no lines, as customers were assigned numbers like at a deli counter. It did seem that everyone knew exactly where s/he stood in line, with or without a number. Not in a contentious way. Only a respectful understood way.


The fantastic selection on the recreational side included rows of edibles on the lower shelves of the glass cases and abundant varieties of flower on shelves along the walls. Friendly service seemed to be a priority; the budtender knew a lot and gracefully shared her knowledge with no air of hoity-toity arrogance. It felt like it might be the place. Our second visit confirmed that intuition. We connected with the same budtender, whose hometown is not far from our own, and again received valuable advice that led to impeccable purchases. The warm, open, safe vibe that carried through the experience made it clear – this was the place.


While not cheap, the product was incredibly good. (And we’re learning that there’s not much in the way of cheap AND good legal recreational marijuana.) Later, with a medicinal card, we paid considerably less.


And then there’s the rotating deal of the day, e.g. buy a quarter and get a small piece (not worked or fancy, of course). Or double punch day when one purchase of $50 or more counts twice in the frequent buyer’s log. Once you accumulate ten, you earn a $50 credit. We just reached this milestone, and here’s what $70 bought: one eighth of Spin Ghar (a fantastic CBD-heavy strain), one gram of Jack the Ripper #2, one gram of Romulan Kush, a 300mg Love’s Oven Magic Bar, two 100mg packages of incrEDIBLES gummies, and a 100mg incrEDIBLES chocolate and toffee Boulder Bar. Just over 5.5 grams of flower and 600mg of edibles for $70. Not too shabby.


Deals aside, the staff continued to be stellar. In addition to sharing cannabis stories and opinions, we’ve forged solid relationships at Sacred Seed. There is no doubt that the quality of the product is part of the regular draw. Around 25 strains, some better than others, of course, but never a dud. Without the comfort and authentic human element, though, it wouldn’t be as fun to return so regularly; we likely wouldn’t. Such has been the way. It feels good to have found the place. If someone asks, this is where I’ll be.


N.B. There was concerted effort on the author’s part to avoid the implication of a desire to go where everybody knows your name.



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