Denver Police Smell Like Weed Now




Apparently encountering enough plants to envelop an officer in a veil of marijuana perfume, Denver police raided several cannabis growing facilities Tuesday morning in connection with a Minnesota investigation. Very little information is available at this time, such as whether these were completely illegal growing operations or licensed operations that otherwise ran afoul of the law. An anonymous federal official, speaking to the AP, said investigators believe the involved parties had come to Colorado from Minnesota, but didn’t elaborate any further.


The raids yielded “dozens of high-intensity grow lights and thousands of plants,” according to an unsubstantiated claim. The source also indicated that “as much as $1 million was found in large bags during the searches.”


One location saw a Denver police officer enter a building “in a blue hazmat suit…reeking of weed.” The officer, who is most definitely NOT a new super hero named Cannaman (though someone definitely should be), indicated that “several search warrants were being executed around the city.”


It’s hard to comment too much when no one is offering any official information. Possibly the easiest assumption is that the businesses violated the one of the eight priority points the government indicated it would be paying attention to, such as transporting cannabis from Colorado to states where it remains illegal, but we just don’t know right now.


What WRK would like to focus on is the blue Hazmat suit reeking of weed. Is it too late to fabricate and patent this before Halloween? Does anyone have a 3D printer we could borrow?

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