Strain Reviews: Alice in Wonderland

Cannasol Farms Alice in Wonderland: 13.60% THCA, 0.96% THC (15.11% total THC), 0.15% CBD


What we enjoyed: euphoric, stimulating, active high; we laughed a lot; great for outdoor, daytime activities




I’d never tried Alice in Wonderland before we found some at Cannabis City. It was not a strain I’d encountered often, but it was all they had that wasn’t pre-rolled, so we figured we’d give it a shot. We’d also heard good things about CannaSol Farms, the producer of this particular Alice, and their sustainable growing practices.


From first glance, Alice was certainly a sativa. Crawling up the thin stem were spindly, leafy flowers, an almost monochrome medium green with some orange-red hairs here and there. It was just barely sticky, and I could feel the powdery trichomes between my fingers and even on the table after I’d placed the bud there. And, sure enough, it produced a golden blanket of sandy kief that became a substantial mound when brushed into the middle of the grinder.


The smell was decidedly blueberry, which surprised me, a pungent, sour blueberry. Perhaps a touch of citrus. The taste, though, was quite different. It had an earthy, cucumber taste that I noticed in the back of my throat – I know that’s weirdly specific, but it’s true. It’s worth mentioning that Alice in Wonderland’s page on Leafly describes the taste as citrus or grapefruit, but we didn’t detect those in either our water pipe or our Cloutank. Leafly names Willy Wonder as the progenitor of Alice in Wonderland, and, though it’s an Afghani indica, the honey-tinged earthy flavor profile characteristic of this legendary strain is much closer to what we experienced with the Alice.


The euphoric effects of Alice in Wonderland were noticeable almost instantly, and I could feel its energy in my chest and down my spine, a mild stimulant, more like a shot of espresso than a cup of coffee. After a couple of hits I realized my breath had become shallow; I had to adjust my shoulders and open my ribcage in order to breathe fully and deeply.


I noticed pretty quickly that Alice in Wonderland was a fantastic companion for They Want My Soul, the Spoon album we were listening to/have been listening to since it came out in September, and that it would be quite a bit more fantastic had we taken it with us to the show last month, where it wouldn’t be weird that I couldn’t sit down. And though I was in constant motion, we had a great creative brainstorming session, generated ideas for a new column, and wrote more than a few words.


It wasn’t at all what we’d intended to do that evening, but I suppose it was appropriate to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, wherever that might lead. Down there we found a silly, happy, giggly high; so, even if I was ironically dancing to the Empire Records soundtrack while folding laundry, it felt good to laugh.


We tried some the next day before taking an early afternoon walk. This was the better context in which to enjoy Alice in Wonderland. Blue sky, leaves just beginning to turn, and fall air were enhanced by the easy, joyful feeling brought on by a pull or two on the Cloupor. I still didn’t love that it required some conscious effort on my part to inhale and exhale completely, but I was easily convinced that the daytime is the better time to enjoy this strain. The colors were brighter, the chilly breeze felt exhilarating, and, as long as I was on the sunny side of street, I was wearing a huge grin.


While I would not recommend it if you planned to sink into the couch and listen to Stereolab, Alice in Wonderland is a great option for many sativa-friendly situations. This is a strain I’d use for long hikes, daytime creative work, or concerts or social gatherings that last late into the evening. (Chad would recommend it for almost anything, but he is not writing this review.)


Check back on Thursday to see if what we wrote on Saturday night is as funny as we thought it was when we were hanging out with Alice.


For more information:


Cannabis City


CannaSol Farms

Okanogan, WA


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