The Owls Were What They Seemed


twin peaks


What started as a couple of vague proclamations, wrapped in the opaque plastic of Twitter, has turned into a full-on Internet explosion of references to that gum you like.


TV Line is reporting that Showtime has, in fact, ordered a nine-episode run of Twin Peaks that will air on the network in 2016, 25 years after the original finale, just like Laura Palmer said it would.


TV Line also has an interview with Mark Frost, who promises that, “It’s not a remake. The story continues.” Frost later confirms that he and David Lynch will write all nine episodes, and that Lynch will direct each one. The pair chose Showtime because Gary Levine, who worked with Frost and Lynch during the original ABC run of Twin Peaks, now works at the network.


Weekend Review Kit assumes that Showtime jumped at the chance to air a show set in a Pacific Northwest lumber town, as they can now finally get back to telling the only story they ever really cared about, that of Dexter, the hurricane-surviving lumberjack.

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