NYT Wants More Weed




Despite all the stress they’ve had to deal with in regards to their favorite daughter — the good one, the one they thought would never give them any trouble — the New York Times Editorial Board has come out strongly in favor of the legalization initiatives on November ballots in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.


Believing that the initiatives in these three states “are all worthy of passage,” the article gives a brief overview of the major points for each while offering some emphatic language regarding the federal government’s marijuana policy, calling it a “misguided federal ban on a drug that is far less dangerous than alcohol.”


NYT continues by stating that:


Decades of arresting people for buying, selling and using marijuana have hurt more than helped society, and minority communities have been disproportionately affected by the harsh criminal penalties of prohibition.


The times points to the success of Colorado’s experiment, noting that in the first six months the state collected $18.9 million in tax money:


The sky over Colorado has not fallen, and prohibition has proved to be a complete failure. It’s time to bring the marijuana market out into the open and end the injustice of arrests and convictions that have devastated communities…


Weekend Review Kit agrees, and especially appreciates the “out into the open” language.


The Paper of Record is also confident that legalizing recreation marijuana will ultimately provide consumers with a more reliable product: “Careful regulation of the drug could very well make it safer.”


It’s going to be the responsibilities of the states to bring about this change, though: “Congress shows no sign of budging. So it’s better for the states to take the lead than to wait for an epiphany on Capitol Hill that may never come.”


Of course they mean Capitol Hill in D.C., not the one where you can already buy legal weed.


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