Form and Function: Cloupor Cloutank M4

Cloupor Cloutank M4


What we like: sturdy; powerful, smooth hits; inexpensive; works well with both flower and concentrate; under the right conditions could be used as a tiny club.


Rating: 4/5


Image: Cloupor

Image: Cloupor


The Cloupor Cloutank M4 promises the impossible: an all-in-one system for vaporizing wax and flower for less than $30. The M4 uses a lot of pieces to get there, some of which actually move, but they deliver on that promise. You can use the M4 for both concentrates and bud.




The Cloutank M4 has several parts, and they all seem pretty sturdy. Putting the thing together and taking it apart does take some time. The coil head sits inside a metal base, and there is another metal cover that screws onto that. The drip tip fits into metal cover (and has two different mesh screens inside it) and the whole thing is encased in a Pyrex glass tube. It’s got a few more components than the domes we’ve tried that work in a similar way, but it’s not overly complicated. The option to break the tank down in different ways is very helpful, since you can load either wax or flower, as is the customizable air flow system. It also makes cleaning the tank, which you should do regularly to make sure you’re getting the most out of it, extremely easy. And by regularly, we mean daily. At least.


Fully assembled, the Cloutank M4 is as close to a literal tank as we’ve tried. It looks more like a mini-Maglite flashlight, but is probably heavier than a mini flashlight. You could most definitely brain a small hobbit with the Cloutank M4. It feels sturdy in your hand and a bit weighty in the pocket, but doesn’t bulge at the top like a dome. While the whole thing is quite top-heavy and can be difficult to keep upright, it’s not likely that the glass tank will break even when it does fall. One advantage to the setup, though, is that it looks very much like all the tanks you see for e-cigs, so, if, for example, you use it medicinally in public, you could blend in pretty easily.




Concentrates – We found that the M4 works best when loaded with just a small dab or two, which should give you plenty of hits. When we tried to put a little more on the coil (which is tempting because there’s plenty of room), a fair amount leaked through the head onto the battery, and after a minute the connection was weaker from the wax that had accumulated underneath.


But with just the right amount, the Cloutank delivers a nice-tasting and efficient hit. The pull is smooth thanks to the adjustable vents, and the double mesh screens prevent any wax from spitting out of the mouthpiece. In fact the M4 fits together so well that wax has no place else go but down. There was little residue left on the coil; it seems to get really hot, really fast.


The proper amount of concentrate is the key to getting the most out of the Cloutank M4, but if you do it right you’ll be very happy. The hits are as strong as anything we’ve had in a comparable price range.


Flowers – The first few flower hits taste a bit burnt, which made us question whether or not it was really being vaporized. But after a minute the burnt taste went away; the hits were again smooth, and the flavor of our bud came through clearly. Unlike some other vaporizers we felt like the M4 gave off powerful hits, and our flower really seem to last for a long time inside the chamber. The drip tip also has a plunger – which you should not use for concentrates unless you want an extra mess to clean up – but for dry herb allows you to make sure everything in the chamber is in the right place.


As is the case with all of these pens, it’s impossible to tell how hot it really gets for each hit; it’s just something you have to deal with at this price level. It can also be difficult to get to the coil head without taking the whole thing apart, which is a bit of a chore when you’re using wax. We’ve even had to employ a pair of pliers from time to time. But the Cloutank M4 worked really well for us, both with flower and concentrates. The hits are strong and smooth.


If you plan on using it for concentrates and leaving the house, we recommend bringing your wax with you so that you can use a little bit at a time. For bud, though, you can load it pretty full and it could last all day long.


And if the place you’re going is full of angry halflings, you will be able to at least take out one or two of them. Just remember, most hobbits are generally peaceful; they only want to share your weed.


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    • Hi Zoe, Thanks for being in touch. There is no wick on the Cloutank M4, only a coil. The coil is “pure metal,” according to Cloupor. We’ve contacted the company for more info. As soon as they get back to us, we’ll get back to you! Thanks again for reading, Ella

    • Hello again…Cloupor informs us that they use a combination nickel-chromium to make the coil. Hope that’s helpful! Cheers, Ella

  1. Hi I was wondering if you’ve ever encountered any problem with the threading? After opening and closing the top cap many times, the locking threads became worse and worse. It comes loose really easily and now it doesn’t even lock.

    • Hi Jimmy, We definitely haven’t experienced that kind of problem; in fact, sometimes our threads get a little sticky and we have a hard time taking the pieces apart. What you’re describing sounds like a defect to me…maybe get in touch with Cloupor to see if they’ll replace the part. When we’ve dealt with folks there, we’ve found them to be very responsive. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

      Cheers, Chad

  2. I had a little bit of a problem with combustion. Did u guys breakup your flowers or leave them whole? I tried both ways, it combusted only a little less with a chunk of herb

    • We’re a little bit obsessive over here, and always grind our flower if possible. I do get what you mean though. Exactly how close to the line of combustion the Cloupor gets was always our major concern. Next time we get a chance we’ll try it your way!

    • Hi Kayla, That doesn’t sound at all normal to me. I would contact the place you purchased it from first and then Cloupor directly if you can’t get a refund or a new product. Good luck! Jenn

  3. I buy one of these and its really good to me, but i have some troubles to get it right whit the dry herb …my herb combusting really fast so i can puff 2 o 3 times whit the chamber 3/4 full…i’m doing bad or its normal? …..

    • You might have the battery power turned up too high (this seems to cause the most problems), or it could be some really dry flower. We usually get twice as many hits from a 3/4 full chamber.

  4. Both of my coils burned out within the first day of using it. Either that or they’re clogged to old hell. Although I cleaned one out with iso and a qtip, it still isn’t working. HELP!

    • I apologize for the delayed response and sorry your coils burned out. That is so frustrating. I’ve burned out a few coils by having my battery turned up too high; I found anything about 4.3 to be pushing it. However, if they burned out on a lower setting I would suggest contacting Cloupor directly, as we’ve always had good experiences with their customer service. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


  5. Hi there. I recently got into vaping and purchased this tank for my Mary Jane (medicinal) , however im not exactly sure how to pack it properly. Ive already burnt out two coils. I’ve been placing the herb directly on the coils as I dont know where else to place it? Must I unscrew the mesh and place my herb there or just below it?

  6. I need some technical information on the battery! There are since eGo batteries in cheap variants which have a non-stable voltage between 3.3 – 4.3 upon how fully charged they are… Can I use such batteries or better to invest on a better one?

    • I have been using mine with EVOD pen battery (is that comparable to eVo?) with no problems. The battery lasts a day or so, even with me switching back & forth between the CloutTank (CT) and my ejuice tank. I have 3 batteries, 2 on charge and 1 in use.

      I just got an iStick 30W (from Eleaf), but have yet to try my CT on it. Since I believe that the CT combusts and does not vape, I think that by using the iStick at a lower voltage…

      Dunno. Especially since I don’t like combustion. Hope my late rambling helped in some way.

  7. Just got mine , used one and now it’s threaded, wont tighten up at all. Contacted sale point and waiting on reply,

  8. My boyfriend has gone through 2 in 2 months. The portion that the wires are attached to gets hot and comes apart rendering it useless, has anybody else had this issue?

    • How frustrating! There’s nothing worse than burning through coils when you’re trying to relax. We’ve noticed that the Cloupor is really sensitive, so we keep our battery turned down pretty low. This seems to prevent these issues, but if you don’t have an adjustable battery the Cloupor might be too temperamental.

  9. I have found that Cloupor tanks work better on higher quality batteries and box mods. I have tried on both eGo style batteries, and several mods and these units are clearly designed to be used with higher quality batteries. For my M3, the perfect wattage for wax seems to be 9.0-9.5, but I wouldn’t push it too far past that. I suggest using a wattage control as opposed to voltage, as this will provide more exact output from your battery- I’ve noticed that as the wax coils get used, the coil resistance will change. If you are using a voltage adjustment, this will inadvertently effect the battery output as the resistance goes up. By choosing Watts, it’s X.X watts regardless of the resistance change in the coil.

    FWIW I am a frequent wax user and I also own a Vape shop.

  10. My m4 has ruined 2 batteries in 2 days. It is keeping the battery turned on burning more wax until it dies. I have taken the batteries off and they blink like they’re dead. What’s gping on?

  11. Hi am having an issue with my M4 it is not heating up I believe it is the coil I’m trying to replace the coil but it will not unscrew I’m wondering if I can put the whole piece in warm water to see if it will loosen please let me know what I should do

  12. Same question – high quality box mods with 510 thread. One the kangertech kbox and the other the all powerful snowwolf 200watt box mod. For dry, I’ll start on low watts (I vape eliquid ony snow wolf in temperature control mode at 290 degrees) . I can’t speak for ego/spinner batteries – although they are generally rubbish, but hopefully a good box mod does the trick.

  13. The M4 is NOT a vaporizer. It combusts whatever material you put into it. I would have hoped that Cloupor had changed that major piece of info by now. But, whatever…

    I’m using an iStick 30W sub-ohm on my M4. The only setting I’ve tried is 5.0W & 3.3V. Never found a need to change or play around with it. I only use herb and it does what I want.

    I only fill the ‘tank’ halfway because any more and I can’t burn it all (no matter how much I use the plunger). My main issue with the M4 is the need to completely dismantle the thing after every use to clean it. If I don’t, I get no — and I mean NO — draw from it. And cleaning the dual screens is an utter pain. I have a variety of cleaning tools from the different herbal vapes I’ve bought over time, none work well. My best is a mascara brush I bought at a dollar store. Go figure…

    I give the Cloutank M4 a 4 outa 10. The 4 is only because my herb makes me feel magnanimous. But, I can get that way with a bong, or a hookah, or a spliff. And without the hassle of cleaning…….

    • Hm. Perhaps myne weed doth fog myne head.
      I just replied to a question about an eGo battery and said that I hadn’t tried the ClouTank on my iStick. Bing! And then I find this repressed comment I made about the CT M4. I am abashed (had to look that up in the dictionary!)
      Actually, my M4 has not been used for at least a month now. The aspect of combustion opposed to vaping (I should post a pic of the ASH in my chamber) kinda turned me off the M4, if not Cloupor altogether. But, it IS discreet, so it shall not be relegated to the trash heap. Yet…

  14. The coils are too fragile. I barely pushed the mouth piece to pack it down a bit after 2 hits and the coils busted. Went through 5 coils with 5 bowls

    Anyone know where to get thicker coils that fit the m4?

  15. well i cant speak for the use of wax/oil or herb
    as i am a smoker ( yes the evil tobacco )
    i have been using the CT M4 for about 3 months now with the pen style battery
    and have found a couple of little niggles with it
    first the coils.
    factory coils are too lite ! but once searching the tube of you i learned how to rebuild them myself.
    after much playing ive found that 28ga kanthal works best i wind on an .078 drill bit and do 5 winds >
    these coils last me about a week . i started doing this as the local store want anything from 4-7 bucks a coil.
    second the screens .
    i found the second finer screen clogged way to fast (keep in mind i smoke tobacco all day not just a hit now & then) so i biffed it away .
    the first screen the holes are to small so i drilled them out bigger for better flow and then i took a super slim filter
    cut in half the divide the half roll it between thumb and finger and insert it in the top of the tip.
    this works well to stop tar residue from tainting the tip.
    and lastly the tank to deck threads.
    now to me this is the biggest pain in the ass!
    only 3 rounds on the deck ! really ! this is its biggest short fall.
    bloody thing falls off a lot .
    my solution ! (unprofessional as it is )
    remove and throw away glass cylinder (yup)
    take panel beaters hammer and tap till out of round till it will thread onto the deck oh and hit the air flow ring too
    as i had it closed from day one ( no not elegant but effective and it works )
    since buying the CT M4 i have purchased a kayfun V4 a beautiful tank ! very very well made
    but bloody useless for tobacco the chamber is too damned small(so it now lives in the box it came in)
    my next step is to go to a VW/VV box .for more control of the burn .
    now for my rating!
    even with its short falls i give it a solid
    4.5 out of 5
    yeah i know you thinkin what the hell !!
    well here it is .
    i love this thing its great !!
    im 48 ive hand rolled tobacco most my life ( started smoking about 13yrs old)
    before i started using the CT M4 50gm pouch of tobacco lasted me 5 days tops.!
    now with the CT im making a 50gm last for…. wait for it !
    over 2 weeks !
    2 bloody weeks !

    i dont care about the short falls .
    its now costing me less than $12 cdn a week to smoke .
    im sold on it

  16. hello…im a fan of the cloutank as its vapor potency has reduced the cost to my smoking habit greatly. Sadly today I have broken the glass cover…im wondering how crucial is the glass in the function of the vaporizer.? i dont want to go the days it will take to receive my replacement..and as i enjoy being able to use it in places where smoking is not allowed.. i wonder…will it not be vapor and actually become smoke because of the glass….or is the glass just cosmetic? i understand you all are not the creators but you do seem very knowledgeable…

    • from what i found the glass is there to many hold the air control ring in place
      when i broke my glass i just took the ring and bent it out of shape a little and it stayed where i wanted it to

    • imho, the Cloutank combusts. It does not vaporize. Period.
      That said, Cal is right about the glass. It secures the air ring. My glass cracked and I just got the duct tape out. Doesn’t look pretty, but I can still smoke my shyte.

  17. Low load? I need to know what this means and how to clean repair or replace what I need to to stop it from having this problem. Its only a month old, clean, charged with multiple battery’s and is loaded lol please help.

  18. Yo I have two sigelei temp crontol box mods one 200w and a 150w can I run the m4 on temp control and if so what setting via ni, ti, ss, please help

  19. I cannot get my cloutank m4 to work properly with my istick 30w. Either burns the shit or does nothing. Tried to find any info on wattage and voltage for my setup and nothing. Kind of annoying. Plus the ohms keep changing every time I screw this in. Waste of $30 if you ask me.

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