Who’s Got $449,980 Sitting in the Trunk of Our Car?

Image: Working Title Films

Image: Working Title Films


Our car, Walter? No, not our car. However, federal agents did seize that amount of cash from the trunk of Denver lawyer David Furtado’s car on November 21, 2013 in what The Denver Post calls “the largest ever federal raids on the Colorado marijuana industry.”


Furtado, along with Gerardo Uribe (who owns several medical marijuana businesses), his brother Luis Uribe, and Columbian national Hector Diaz were charged with money laundering and attempting to engage in an illegal financial action. The four men allegedly planned to use cash from Columbia to finance grow operations in Colorado so that the plants could be sold in Florida and Illinois. Furtado has pleaded not guilty, claiming the cash was so that he could buy a “metal business.”


The Cannabist and Denver Post have new updates on what those raids yielded. In addition to the cash, agents confiscated five watches, including an $11,050 Rolex, 161 pieces of jewelry, a 2010 Jeep Wrangler, a 2007 Hummer H3, and 1.8 million in Colombian Pesos ($883).


The investigation had been ongoing since January of 2011 and was aided by the help of confidential informants allegedly hired by Furtado to grow plants with the intention of sending the harvest to other states. According to the informant, as many as ten harvests were designated for sale outside of Colorado.


Regardless of whether or not these men are guilty, Weekend Review Kit suspects we will see more of these stories in the coming years. Until the entire country’s laws are in agreement, until cannabis reform is addressed on a Federal level, there will be more money to be made on the black market in states where cannabis is illegal than in states with taxes and regulations.

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