Creamy Delights at Northern Lights

Northern Lights Cannabis Company

2045 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, CO 80214


Why you should go: personalized, knowledgeable service; great variety, high likelihood you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, exceptional flower; potential for door prizes


Rating: 4.5/5


Image: Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

Image: Northern Lights Cannabis Co.


It was a Sunday and I wanted an adventure; I wanted to explore parts unknown, beyond the strip of shops I typically frequented. This is how I ended up at Northern Lights, in a small, single-story plaza across from Sloan Lake and Denver Northwest District Park.


I entered the sunlit front room and slid my ID to the gentleman behind the glass. In the next waiting area I was given a laminated picture of Trainwreck. Five or six chairs, a few of them filled with people holding their own strain cards, sat to the left, and an employee was stationed on a platform to the right. The television above her head told the story of Charlotte’s Web, a low THC/high CBD strain that was used successfully to reduce debilitating seizures experienced by a young girl. She was not getting high, only controlling what was once uncontrollable.


When I heard “Trainwreck” called, I followed an employee into a semi-private room in the back. A glass case filled with flower caught my eye right away, as did the edibles on hooks on the wall behind. It was a cozy little room where I felt I was the focus. As a customer, this was great. For those ten minutes, it was all for me: the budtender’s insightful comments, the beautiful cannabis. Maybe that’s silly. But on some level, it’s true.


I had been trying a lot of sativas, the higher the percentage the better. For this visit, I was still looking for a sativa-dominant strain but with a little more of an indica presence. I informed my budtender of my preferences, and he quickly leaned down to grab and open a few jars. Immediately, I noticed a particular jar, but I wanted to hear what he had to say about them. He took the time to patiently describe each but did not shy away from sharing his favorite of the bunch. And it was the strain that had drawn my attention before I’d heard a word – Dairy Queen. He described a smooth, creamy smoke taste and experience; it would liven me up a bit, but without sending my mind into hyperdrive.


Of course, I was also looking for edibles. Previously I’d tried some Hash Plant hard candy that basically put me into a state of sleep paralysis, and I was hesitant to try again. But on the budtender’s recommendation, I went with hard candies called Suck It. I couldn’t help but blush a little when I asked for them.


It must have been my lucky day, because, before I left, I won a lottery for a free T-shirt: Northern Lights Cannabis Co. – Where your buds are. T-shirts and lighters from different spots are nice, even if you never actually wear them outside of the house.


I did not smoke the Dairy Queen just yet, but I did eat a 25 mg Suck It on my way to City Park. Though the Suck It turned me around a bit, I found my friends near a tree where four guys were playing music. I shared the candy with a friend and one of the musicians, in gratitude for what they’d added to the beauty of the day, and we played some cornhole. Cornhole and Suck Its. The combination ensured I really did suck, but it didn’t matter. I was feeling good without feeling gone.


To round out the day, I dipped into the Dairy Queen when I got home. I instantly understood what the budtender meant when he said a creamy smoke: it really did flow so easily from the pipe to my lungs, almost like it wasn’t smoke at all. And the sativa in it certainly delivered; it was energizing, with just the right amount of pick-me-up. It’s with great difficulty that I ever think about a favorite strain amongst the myriad of options. I don’t think it makes sense to rank. But I liked Dairy Queen a lot. A whole lot.


A perfect Sunday, it was more than worthwhile to wander away from my usual neighborhoods to visit Northern Lights Cannabis Company. Not only did I get to check out a new park, I also found incredible marijuana.


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