Strain Reviews: Blue Dream

NuGreen Blue Dream: 19.30% THC, 0.07% CBD


What we enjoyed: physically relaxing and mentally clear high; an experience that felt a lot like yoga: grounding, balanced, awareness-inducing


Rating: 4.75/5


blue dream


Blue Dream is a popular strain, a favorite of many, a sativa-dominant hybrid of noble lineage, and my new best friend. Since it won the 2000 Cannabis Cup (Indica) in Amsterdam, we’ve been big fans of Blueberry, and who doesn’t like a strong, uplifting California Haze? The combination of the two, achieved beautifully in the Blue Dream, is an almost perfect strain.


I tried the Blue Dream on Saturday evening, after dinnertime and family game time and story time and bedtime. Eager to unwind with some new flower, we cleaned our water pipe and took out the tiny bag we’d purchased at Rainier on Pine from Spokane producer, NuGreen.


The buds were light green, with traces of yellow and orange and a sprinkling of snowy crystals, not too dense and not too airy. They had that spongy bounce-back quality that feels like a memory foam pillow between your pointer and your thumb, slightly sticky but not wet in the least. When I squeezed just a bit I was rewarded with a subtle blueberry scent, which intensified when I put it in the grinder. It did well in there, breaking up into lovely pieces of dried flower, producing a nice yield with nothing stuck to the sides.


Blue Dream’s taste lived up to the high expectations set by its enticing aroma, a fruity, sweet berry flavor with slight tartness followed by hints of spice. Right away, I felt the Blue Dream in the front of my head, a kind of buzzing alert sensation in my brow and my nose. It tickled; I sneezed several times. After that, the crazy vibration subsided, but my face continued to tingle delightfully, from crown to chin. I remember thinking, ‘this is an excellent close-your-eyes high,’ and then reminding myself to close my eyes to confirm my instinct.


The third and fourth hits were as tasty as the first. Eyelids shut, warm waves of relaxation melted over me. My body felt weighted, like an anchored buoy, centered, settled. Alert, though, my mind clear and agile; the Blue Dream was mentally stimulating in a gentle, friendly, unfolding-slowly kind of way. Not only did it feel terrific to close my eyes; there were all sorts of marvelous things to see when I did.


But it was movie night, and movies are not usually best enjoyed with eyes closed. How would the Blue Dream get along with American Hustle? Quite well, it turns out. For a person who cringes at the thought of sitting through 138 straight minutes of almost anything, the effect was perfect. The mellow body high kept my restless tendencies at bay, and I was as engaged as I was going to be while watching a film that proves there is such thing as too much side-boob and that doesn’t come close to passing the Bechdel test. Blue Dream or none, the music made the movie: Jeep’s Blues, Straight No Chaser, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Jennifer Lawrence’s possessed housecleaning rendition of Live and Let Die… and, if you listen carefully, Sinatra’s ridiculous Coffee Song is tucked in there too.


The braless 70s, great tunes, and the wonderful Blue Dream worked together to keep me awake for the entire movie. A little dreamy, perhaps, but not sleepy. And definitely excited for my next encounter with this strain.


I ended up thinking of the Blue Dream as a lot like yoga, which has the paradoxical benefit of being both invigorating and relaxing. A great choice for stress or anxiety, it simultaneously mellowed and uplifted me. It’s a grounding, clarity-inducing experience that leaves me feeling centered, aware, balanced, and creative. Enjoy with eyes closed or wide open and wandering.



For more information:


Rainier on Pine


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