Rainier on Pine: Nice Enough to Meet Your Mom

Rainier on Pine

3111 S Pine Street, Tacoma, WA 98409




Why you should go: large selection, exceptional service, comfortable shopping experience and lobby; your mom will like it.


Rating: 5/5



Rainier on Pine exterior


Weekend Review Kit loves your mother. WRK loves all mothers. We have nothing but respect for the women who helped define us. So we hope you understand that we mean this as the highest of high compliments: Rainier on Pine is an excellent place to take your mom. You can go there without her too; we think you should. But when your mom comes to visit Seattle and wants to see what all the fuss is about, WRK recommends you take her to Rainier on Pine, for both selection and quality of service.


Rainier on Pine is impossible to miss. You and your mom will really feel like you’ve found an established business, with plenty of parking. (If your mom is anything like ours, she has a soft spot for a convenient parking space.) The lot opens to a freestanding building, concrete and stone and green-roofed, with a large banner that reads “Now Serving Recreational,” because Rainier Wellness Center began as a dispensary for medicinal clients. In a way, they’ve had a bit of a head start in the community, and their vast experience is apparent in their selection, layout, and knowledge of product.


Inside is a large, comfortable lobby, with chairs and couches. You can sit and have a conversation with the cannabis aficionados who make the place go. While public locations for consuming the marijuana for which you are about to pay a considerable amount of tax money are nonexistent, the lobby at Rainier on Pine creates a social space where you can at least speak in a relaxed and straightforward way about cannabis. It’s open and bright; your mom can find someone to talk to here, and, like all the shops in the area, the clientele is diverse and interesting.


Rainier on Pine inside


Once you show your ID to the man working the door to the showroom floor, you walk into a large open room with clearly marked lines. The Simpsons is on the television. This feels very much like the right combination of professionalism and fun.


Rainier on Pine, today, has the largest selection of all the shops in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and on this visit we notice a variety of flowers, all of exceptional quality, as well as concentrates in the form of Juju joints and edibles in the form of Baked Botanicals Pita Chips. We’ve found their edibles to be quite mellow, and if your mom is feeling adventurous, she can get something to eat here that won’t completely break her brain.


We decide to sample something from each section of the menu. We pick up some Blue Dream, both flower and concentrate, as well as a bag of the pita chips. Today our bud tender is Jeff, who happily answers every question we have. He is well dressed, smiles the entire time, and seems genuinely grateful that we’ve decided to stop by. He also asks to see our ID for a second time. Is this because WRK is aging so well, we wonder?



rainier on pine samples


“They’ll card you when you’re 67,” answers the presumably 67-year-old man who is next in line. “Every time.” He is also smiling. Your mom will appreciate showing her ID. Getting carded by a enthusiastic man in a well-fitting vest will add a nice amount of novelty to the experience for her.


When you and your mom are done you can head back out to the aforementioned lobby and relax. It’s a nice place to assure her that this process was so easy and successful because Rainier on Pine has been in the game for a while and knows how to provide both quality service and quality product, and not because you’ve been going to these shops on a fairly regular basis. And even though we both know those two things are not mutually exclusive, your mom will thank you for bringing her along slowly.



Are there things that could be better about the shops in Washington? Sure. It will be a bit more expensive than you’re used to and sometimes you can’t get as much as you want. However, having visited all the shops in the Seattle area, it is WRK’s belief that these business owners are all doing their best with the limitations inherent to the current system. WRK is confident that these are just the natural roadblocks on the way to the end of cannabis prohibition, but we don’t feel that it is fair to grade these shops when so much of what they can offer is beyond their control. Therefore, we are giving five Kits to shops as long as they present a clean store, friendly and informed assistance, and product that is accurately described. Instead of offering just a simple, somewhat arbitrary grade, WRK will do our best to accurately represent what to expect when visiting a Washington recreational cannabis business.


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