New Seattle Recreational Shops to Offer Black Market Expanded Territory





With new stores reportedly opening tomorrow and mid-month, Seattle could be home by November to as many as three times the recreational marijuana stores as exist here now, inching the grand total for the Emerald City toward a whopping…three. Considering recent events, this is a promising prospect for the city’s black market dealers, who could see a major uptick in their customer lists if they spend enough time waiting in line at area marijuana retailers.


In all seriousness, Weekend Review Kit advocates both legal weed sales and nonviolence and does not support nonsense like that. Which is why we’re starting to feel more hopeful about Washington’s notoriously slow-to-start recreational cannabis sales. In addition to the shops opening soon, Seattle PI reports that industry insiders predict production shortages experienced by many as a brand new economy worked out the kinks should be over soon, with legal recreational marijuana flowing freely from over 200 legitimate growers to licensed retailers by Thanksgiving.


Uncle Ike’s will officially open its doors at 23rd & Union in the Central District tomorrow, after a soft launch on Saturday to test I-502 computer programs. Owner Ian Eisenberg received a retail license last week through a deal with a company that obtained a license through the summer’s lottery, according to the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. In addition to the “flower and joints from Avitas and Monkey Grass Farms, a nice selection of edibles and RIF oil cartridges from Green Chief, and…JuJu Joints” promised on Uncle Ike’s Facebook page, they will also offer ample off-street parking as well as a glass and gear shop in an adjacent building. Check out their website for a complete menu.


The Evergreen notes that a third recreational shop, Ocean Greens owned by Oltion Hyseni, will celebrate a grand opening on October 18 at their location on Aurora Avenue. Ocean Greens’ website appears to be under construction, but more information is available on the shop’s Facebook page.


Don’t worry, Denver. It’ll still be some time before we’re even close to your level. But it seems that we might finally be moving in the right direction.


Uncle Ike’s

2310 E Union Street

Seattle, WA 98122

844.420.IKES (4537)


Ocean Greens

9724 Aurora Avenue N

Seattle, WA 98103


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