Conscious Connoisseur Award: Charlo Greene




Perhaps you’ve heard of Charlo Greene? Well, maybe you hadn’t last week, but if you have yet to see her fantastic resignation from KTVA News, you should stop reading and watch it now. She’s about to become your idol.


Not since Sarah Palin’s flummoxing attempt at the Vice Presidency has the nation’s attention been grabbed and thrust so emphatically toward a woman in our northernmost state. Every news outlet from the BBC to The Onion to your local broadcast channel has run a story or shared the (edited) video, and whether they’re in staunch support or adamant opposition, they’ve helped Greene accomplish what we can only guess was her intended goal: to draw attention to a hot-button issue just six weeks before marijuana legalization is on the ballot in Alaska’s midterm election.


Measure 2, “an Act to tax and regulate the production, use, and sale of marijuana,” would legalize possession of cannabis up to one ounce as well as allow for the establishment of retail stores, cultivation facilities, infused product manufacturers, and testing facilities for marijuana. Adults 21 and over would also be permitted to grow up to six plants (three mature) and possess the cannabis produced by the plants on the premises where the plants are grown. Similar laws have been in effect for registered medical marijuana patients in Alaska since 1998, but the state has not put into place a structure to facilitate the exchange of medical cannabis.


northern lights


Just before her very public departure from KTVA, Greene was hosting a segment on the effort to legalize marijuana in the Last Frontier, in which she disclosed that she is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, described on its website as the state’s only medical marijuana resource, and that she intended to focus her future efforts on bringing cannabis legalization to Alaska and beyond. With an early August Public Policy Polling report estimating backing for Measure 2 at 44% (down from 47% in May) and opposition at 49% (up from 45% in May), a dramatic and expletive-enhanced exit on live TV probably couldn’t hurt.


Greene is currently using her newfound fame to encourage supporters to take a stand for marijuana reform by donating to the Alaska Cannabis Club’s “freedom and fairness fight.” After launching the campaign on Monday, Greene has raised $7,115 (her goal was $5K) for the cause, and she’s put out a statement called “Why I Quit,” which encourages cannabis users to share their stories, to change the narrative around marijuana. WRK applauds you, Charlo Greene, the first recipient of our Conscious Connoisseur Award. We have a common objective, and Ella Peligrosa would love to collaborate on an Eat the Roach column with you sometime. We’ll be pulling for you and for Alaska on November 4.

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