Cannabis — You Know, For Kids



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NORML is reporting that, for the first time ever, Colorado recreational cannabis consumers have contributed more in tax revenue than the medicinal community.


The roughly $29.7 million spent on recreational sales in July just edged out medicinal spending, which came in at around $28.9 million, and, as the article points out, this is despite the fact that there are four times as many medicinal shops as recreational.


The article then goes on to share a Colorado Public Radio story that estimates that $37.5 million in tax revenue has been contributed, by both recreational and medicinal sales, over the past nine months in Colorado.


And since at least some of that money has to go to supporting local schools, we can finally declare once and for all that cannabis is good for our kids. So long as they stay well out of our stash until they turn 21. They need to let their brains fully develop, and we paid a considerable amount of good tax money for that stash.

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