Form and Function: The Micro G Pen Review, Six Months Later

microG Vaporizer


What we like: discreet, sturdy, reliable with the proper parts.


Rating: 4/5


microG vape pen


Whoopi Goldberg loves her vape pen. So does Sarah Silverman. These portable delivery systems are not solely the province of highly successful comedians, however; for many people the personal vaporizer offers an affordable, easy-to-operate tool for consuming cannabis in a variety of forms. As concentrates have become more popular and prevalent, the Micro G has become ubiquitous in local shops and online adds. It was Weekend Review Kit’s first experience with a personal vaporizer. After six months of using the Micro G and experimenting with various other methods, WRK is here with our unhurried, impulse-controlled assessment.



Then – The first thing we noticed about the Micro G was its sleek black-matte finish. The vaporizer looks solid in the package and feels just as solid in your hand. The Micro G is actually a three-part contraption: battery, coil/atomizer, and mouthpiece, and all three fit well together. There is no wiggle room between the pieces, which helps keep your concentrates where they belong when you’re on the move. It’s compact enough to be discreetly tucked into the pocket of any dress shirt. Or elegant clutch, if you happen to be going to the Emmys.


Now – The Micro G has held up as well as any personal vaporizer we’ve tried. After six months, the matte finish still looks brand new and the pieces still feel just as sturdy. Some cleaning is required, but, with careful maintenance, you can make sure the Micro G’s exterior stays residue-free.



Then – Because the Micro G is so simple to operate, it’s great for anyone using concentrates for the first time. Remove the mouthpiece, place concentrates on the coil, replace mouthpiece, press button. It won’t overheat and, after a few warm-up pulls, gives a solid hit every time. You can also find them at most stores; if you’re just starting out with personal vaporizers, it’s nice to speak with someone face-to-face so you can ask questions and get individualized guidance.


Now – Six months later both the battery and mouthpiece still work incredibly well. The coils themselves, though, are designed to last around 3-4 weeks each, and they can be hard to replace on short notice. While each of the three shops within walking distance of Weekend Review Kit has the Micro G on sale, none carries actual Grenco replacement coils. A quick search for Micro G atomizers on eBay offers a variety of cheaper alternatives as well, but we have always had mixed results with these, at best. If you’re using a Micro G it is WRK’s recommendation that you purchase from a reliable Grenco dealer or directly from the company website. WRK also suggests that you be prepared and keep several replacement coils on hand, but we know this isn’t always possible, so we advise you to prepare for at least one really sad weekend when your coil stops working at 8:15 on a Friday and you realize you can’t get another until Tuesday, at the earliest, and that’s only because you had to pay for rush delivery.


There are other vape pens out there that burn wax more efficiently and that give a bigger hit, but almost all of them take up more physical space and have a tendency to leak more than the Micro G, making this the optimal choice for transporting to dinner parties, family reunions, camp sites, and gallery openings. Occasionally the concentrates will shift off the coil and will require adjusting, but this is generally the worst thing that will happen to a well-maintained G Pen with proper replacement parts.


Our one concern about the Micro G is how difficult it has been to determine the temperature at which the concentrate is being vaporized, and we’ve found that adjusting the voltage on other personal vapes goes a long way to optimal enjoyment. Sometimes we wonder if the Micro G is getting hot enough. You get a bigger hit from other pens, and the difference between the potency of a hit from a rig and a hit from a G Pen is substantial. However, this does offer some advantage. If you’re a person who needs marijuana in the mornings, or if you like to take small hits spread out over a long period of time, the Micro G allows you to easily consume just a little, or a little bit more, depending on how you’re feeling. You’ll be just like Whoopi, sipping away!


Though it’s true that the Weekend Review Kit test lab has filled up with a variety of other personal vaporizers over the past six months, we still find ourselves reaching for the Micro G at just the right times, when we are on the move or want a hit that won’t have us feeling too much too soon. Particularly if you’re new to concentrates, the Micro G offers a reliable, accessible, option at a reasonable price.



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  1. Hello,

    I purchased a micro G about 2 months ago. I was using it fine. The first screw on was working good up until about a week ago. Since then, it seems like each new screw on leaked. It was the same type of leak each time. It went down into the threads for the white screw on, and down into the guts down in it. I’m not sure what to do. I’m worried if I use it, the melted concentrate will mess it up even more. Any help would be huge. Also, is this the biggest piece you offer for concentrates? I was wondering if there is a “home” edition. Thanks!

    Dan Miller

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