Al Olson to Head


Al Olson

Image: announced yesterday that Al Olson, former senior editor at NBC News, will take over the role of managing editor for the site, a news and information resource for the medical and recreational cannabis communities. Olson, a supporter of legalization and Washington state medical marijuana card holder, has over 40 years of experience in both print and online journalism and was one of the founding editors of almost 20 years ago. In a press statement, Olson described his longstanding relationship with cannabis: “I’ve been a journalist for as long as I’ve been a marijuana advocate –- my first byline was at the age of 14, the same age I smoked my first joint.” He will oversee efforts to expand’s news coverage and content partnerships in response to the growing cannabis movement, according to the press release, and hopes to offer an alternative to the way the marijuana industry is portrayed by mainstream media.

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